• i know … biased like the bookie

    by  • February 6, 2008 • norcal scene • 14 Comments

    sexybeasts.jpgbut still …

    That’s how you line up at a stoplight, mon amie. No swarming, nice and relaxed but guarding room for each other, while giving the cars around a nice definable object to see and move around.

    that’s how you do it.

    tafoya.jpgMy team, VOS Racing.

    and … i must say, those kits are kind of slimming. I mean, i’m not vain or anything …

    but, it’s still nice to have the handles moved in a bit, eh? –



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    14 Responses to i know … biased like the bookie

    1. February 6, 2008 at

      We are cyclist. Vain is just a side effect of wearing all that lycra. I mean really…you thought you were fit until you put on a skin suit

    2. Mark
      February 6, 2008 at

      oh yeah! turning left to do the climb. Did you guys do the ToC TT course as well?

    3. February 6, 2008 at

      i have no idea, marco.

      i was following wheels all week!

      and, just a reminder of how f’ing strong you pedaled your bike last Saturday at Mothblahs. i know it’s the SB world championships and homeboys always represent to the crowds .. but that was kind of embarrassing to all the rest of us normal humans.

      nice ride, man. now don’t come up to NorCal until you’re fat n’ slow.

    4. Mr. Man
      February 6, 2008 at

      The kits look Fab! Red and Black is always the way to go. It is my dream to some day ride for a team with a cool kit.

    5. February 6, 2008 at

      Those kits are HOTTTT!

      Oh, and there’s nothing sexier than a group of racer boys who actually stop for a traffic control device!

    6. February 6, 2008 at

      Ha-ha… That’s a different Mark up above there, but I’ll take the love anyway!

      Mike, et.al., you guys were awesome in those crits, and made some fans in SB for sure. We were really pulling for you (figuratively) on that last lap of the 35+ but c’est la vie… Come down full strength for the IV crit and Ojai in April and it’ll be really fun.

      Mark (aka marco)
      ps. I’ll search through the camera for anymore good pics of the VOS boys and shoot them your way if you got a big enough pipe, …errr, I mean broadband connection…

    7. Pro-ho (Mark)
      February 6, 2008 at

      Mike gets confused easily unless he’s doing 30+ headdown with a bit in his teeth. We did the Solvang ToC TT course with during our Sponsor ride…going to be faaaast! Saw you Mike as you were heading out of town; looked really good in the new kits.

    8. Ray
      February 7, 2008 at

      Silly rabbitt

      those kits make you look like one of santa’s elfs

      look at that red color, and the panel down the thighs, you should go to the tenderloin district of SF and then those kits could really be enjoyed by all

      i think the kits make you look gay, so you are vain as you like looking that way

      see you on the track

    9. February 7, 2008 at

      you think the kits make me look gay?

      but i am gay.

      oh, i mean “gey”.

      reminds me of a post i’ve not had time to type, “reclaiming the word ‘faggot'”.

      i’m beginning to realize how important words are … but, being the silly rabbit that i am, often don’t have the discipline to …

    10. Nome
      February 7, 2008 at

      Curvy lines are not slimming, you are just borderline anorexic.

      You have no idea what handles are.

    11. mystery blogger
      February 7, 2008 at

      vos kit: not.

    12. February 7, 2008 at

      The kits are dope.
      but dude…you’re trippin’ if you think you’ve got handles. lol

    13. casey
      February 7, 2008 at

      i love the vos kits

      they are the best

      just like you
      and your team

      you line up for a street light like no other team in the usa

    14. E.O'B.
      February 8, 2008 at

      One bike in traffic should behave like a car.

      Lots of bikes in traffic should behave like a BIG car.

      Logical, no?

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