• you want inspiration?

    by  • March 20, 2008 • norcal scene • 12 Comments

    then … here you go. The trailer for a film … that must be seen.


    From NorCal Mtb High School Racing Leage Director Matt Fritzinger ~

    The League plans to partner with the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (See
    borp.org) and put on our biggest film screening tour yet (10 cities this fall).

    just awesome. i now have morale.

    thanks, bobby. (and thanks Matt).

    check the NorCal HS graphic on the side of this site … clicky-click and buy some cool swag to support a program worth supporting.

    the time is NOW.



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    12 Responses to you want inspiration?

    1. me
      March 20, 2008 at

      Okay, I am bad…but at first I totally thought this was some video about a guy doing a line.

      then I watched it. wow.

      Can we go?

    2. Merkeley
      March 20, 2008 at

      Damn! Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

      Thanks for the heads up.

    3. March 20, 2008 at


    4. Niki
      March 20, 2008 at

      Ha! first comment, i thought exactly the same thing!!! me bad too. that was inspiring – good stuff!

    5. March 20, 2008 at


      …no words to describe what I felt watching that trailer

      thanks for sharing, thank you!

      that is what I keep telling my son…nothing is impossible and anything is possible…i hope he gets that message some day….

    6. Matt
      March 20, 2008 at

      yes…I got spine tingles right at the end…

      ..here is another video, completely different, but good message:

    7. me
      March 22, 2008 at

      this is a test

      we’ll fix the broken stuff soon….but check out that new scribblins rss…hell yeah!

    8. March 23, 2008 at

      Dude, sorry about my squirrely zombie antics heading to the feed zone. I’m glad nobody panicked. D

    9. March 24, 2008 at

      that was a suh-weet bit of bike handling, dino.

      i did the same thing during the Exeter TT. totally drifted off road, scrubbed some bushes, then hopped it back to tarmac just before i would have otherwise ditched it drainage-like.

      crazy fun.

    10. me
      March 24, 2008 at

      test again monday morning

    11. me
      March 24, 2008 at

      who’s your momma?

    12. Michael Hernandez
      March 24, 2008 at

      you are rocking this design, sabine.

      thanks honey, for all your work. and let’s make it even snazzier… with our geekypowers combined, we shall rule the kittyverse!

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