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    12 Responses to the most awesome post ever

    1. Anonymous
      March 25, 2008 at

      pre-emp strike – post it before she seez it. I would be in trubbl anyway.

      That is soo hooptie. we know, he fotoshop’d it right?

    2. March 25, 2008 at

      Who could blame you. Take the opportunity to comfort and assist.

    3. bored
      March 25, 2008 at

      hey is that second photo from the left on the top photo bar from 2003 (jamiel on old mcguire, and devon on HN?!)

    4. Hooptie
      March 25, 2008 at

      Nice one, guess I wont have to send it to Cyclingnews. Shelley and I were cracking up all night w/ that one.

    5. benjamin
      March 25, 2008 at

      you are SO BUSTED!

    6. Michael Hernandez
      March 25, 2008 at

      I’m just bummed that he got to her before I did.

      (Oh, and this is Sabine, too lazy to log out)


    7. March 25, 2008 at

      You’re supposed to be wearing rubber gloves when you do that – at least then you look professional… 😉

    8. dunaway
      March 25, 2008 at

      It’s Jamiel on mcGuire and Jason Lokkesmoe on HN

    9. Anonymous
      March 25, 2008 at

      i was close… ish. now that i look closer i realized that devon’s arms prolly weren’t that thin! but there’s no mistaking jamiel.

    10. March 25, 2008 at

      That video is straight outta “Cheaters”. Next thing you know a camera crew is gonna roll up on you while you’re having dinner with a Vanderkitten. Keep your eyes peeled.

    11. March 26, 2008 at

      kudos to the camera man for staying focused and rolling during that crash. so dang funny. thats me on the left side of the frame with the camera and backpack.

    12. Mr. Man
      March 26, 2008 at

      I might fake a crash near hernando at my next race. 😉


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