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    i think i felt the weight of pain actually pull against my face yesterday.
    during an acceleration … jumping without thought … it seems my skin skipped a beat, left slack and slightly vacant until snapped taut and following up the hill.
    i really need a new hobby.

    – – – – –

    giosqueezah.jpgWell, I missed the GOLDSPRINTS last weekend … which sucks.

    but, i’m sure Murphy the Mack will have another up soon.

    for a perfect little start to your morning, check out Lauren’s reasons to wiggle on your saddle.

    but i did have a good excuse for missing all the beer-peddled nakedity … there were berry beatings to receive down south in the central valley.

    – – – – –

    jessssse.jpgI was suffering like a ragdoll behind a bumper ~ Jesse the Moore‘s goat-stepping rhythm of long-legged pedalstrokes and next hill visionry cracked me so deep and fissured that i decided right then and there that it was a mistake to give up on my career in jazzercise.

    weehoo.jpgi mean … i’m skinny, can bump and grind a bit … love spandex and headbands ~ i could totally be a brown(er) version of richard simmons.

    but no ~ instead i’m out trying to match sticks with the mountain men … just no sense to it at all, really.

    Jesse won the race (and, he coaches), with Dan Bryant a close 2nd and the only one amongst our small, but gentlemanly starting group who could match Jesse’s horrid extracts of power. DBryant is one of those mutant mind-men who overcome less on brute force and more by sharpened resolve. I mean, he’s fit and strong … but, his ability to sit and suffer on climbs must be attributed more to his mental than physical crankcase. I think he works for an agency with 3 initials … so, maybe that has something to do with it. i mean, don’t they train you to withstand torture for those types of gigs, or maybe that’s that just on tv.

    either way, those two dropped us like our federal funding had expired.

    3 laps at Orosi … something like 2800ft per lap of climbing (jan’s pics here)?

    yeah, great workout … but, kind of humbling. Especially when the cat3 kid comes storming solo up the final few pitches and passes you like you’re on trikes. That kid has raw power like the river. i’m not sure if it was NateEnglish from ZTeam, or another one of their marin monsters come out of the woodworks to stomp … either way, beautiful to see that kind of talent.

    – – –

    pooroscar.jpgThe criterium at Hanford had very, very good attendance considering the Rhonde up north and SanDimas down south.

    Speaking of those down below ~ shall we talk for a moment about Oscar Sevilla getting his jersey stol’d off his back by a canadian?

    i mean … with a dozen boys in the field they lose GC in a 90 minute crit to a 2-man break? yowza.

    Let’s just chaw that in our cudbaskets for a sec … Oscar Sevilla and a small armada of Rock’Rs lost the jersey to a 2-man break in a 90min crit.


    that is gonna leave a sting. but with Redlands coming up … could be interesting to see if they come out swinging.

    what a Redlands this year will be, indeed.

    – – –

    handson.jpgAnyway, back to Hanford ~ when SvenTuft, BJM, AJM, and the KendollHanson decide they want to leave the pack … there’s not much you can do about it. CalGiant Berries were all over the Hanford Crit and not because they had a dozen in the field … but instead because they had a nice half-crate in attendance ~ with each rider performing superbly … no wasted action at all.

    sOzzie Olmos and Dirk Copeland (who won the 35s earlier in the day) were spot-on perfect in their setups and protections of the break. And AJM and Hanson make a formidable finishing duo in a pinch.

    good fun.

    But we didn’t go down without a fight. JontheRopekin and I went scratching and clawing all over that race trying to get ourselves into the winning move. We threw our VOSness at the race as best we could, but the most we could manage was getting one of us in the sister-kissing move. Justin Fraga of BPG/MontanoVelo was ferocious in his attempts to keep the winning break close to us, and shoot his team across – but in the end, we had SierraPacific’s JoelRobertson, Fraga, Copeland and me chasing dreams and losing time to the winning foursome.

    It was more than fun.

    bellasofhanford.jpgThe women’s race was won by RebeccaRising of CVC. She’s a very big talent out of the central valley and we’ll be seeing more of her this season, for sure. She was challenged in the sprint by the VeloBella chickas ~ with TracieNelson doing a bunch of heavy lifting before RyanHostetter drilled it for a nice long leadout.

    The field gallop was close and well fought with Natasha Perry getting 2nd and that little wunderkind Katrina Howard nailing 3rd. Great race.

    – – – – –

    mas later.



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    17 Responses to standard bearer

    1. Phipps
      April 2, 2008 at

      That was Brian Gilliss from ZteaM in his first race in the 3’s. ZteaM’s other young guns Nate English and Justin Laue were busy going 1-2 in the Cat 3’s at San Dimas. They’ll all be 2’s before long and fun to watch in the P/1/2’s when they join the rest of the new 1-2-Z’s (who are racing at Redlands this week). And to think that I left the Z’s because there were no other 1-2’s to race with…

    2. April 2, 2008 at

      Yeah, FBI Dan trains to be dropped into prison riots, bike racing must be a snack.

    3. Beaver Drywall
      April 2, 2008 at

      Hey Phipps,

      You could always come back. We still love you. And we’re always looking for guys who need to work on their climbing.

    4. Sabine
      April 2, 2008 at

      So, when I saw Sevilla in that funny little yellow jersey (no offense San Dimas) I just shook my head and had one of those, “oh, how the mighty have fallen” moments.

      And then he lost it.


    5. April 2, 2008 at

      Hey Phipps,

      why would you need a team anyway when of late, you are riding away from fields in even FLAT races? Are you on my cigar program? HZ

    6. Adam
      April 2, 2008 at

      Why does everybody think that Rock had 12 guys. They had 8 guys, and 4 amateurs that were instructed by officials (and they obeyed), not to work for Rock. So, that leaves 8 guys. Then, 3 get time cut. So that leaves 5 guys for the crit, not 12. ANd why didn’t Toyota help at all so they would have a chance to win on time bonuses, after all, Ben Day did win the first one. Seems they would rather Rock lose then them having a chance at winning. Be careful commenting on races that you’re not at so as not to get the facts straight.

      Also, imagine if Sevilla hadn’t had his wheel fail in the TT and had to run te last 100 yards

    7. Michael Hernandez
      April 2, 2008 at

      i guess there’s that whole karma thing…

    8. Michael Hernandez
      April 2, 2008 at

      hey Hunter, i hear he’s getting paid in wine and specialized tubes at MorganSpinely …

      i reckon you toss Phipps a discount membership at supercuts and a few bags of kitty litter, he’d jump ship.

    9. Michael Hernandez
      April 2, 2008 at

      and nice frickin’ win at the Rhonde, Chris.

      i hear it was a good mashing.

    10. Phipps
      April 2, 2008 at

      Thanks, every once in a while a rider gets lucky and a silly breakaway like that actually works.

      That reminds me, I need to pick up some Johnny Cat on the way home.

      And nice new site by the way.


    11. hJandy
      April 2, 2008 at

      “why didn’t toyota boo hoo help boo hoo”

      have to make friends to have friends. And sometimes it is worth letting one go to see an enemy really eat it….

      Toyota rode a “passive aggressive” race against Rock….

      or thats what my therapist would say.

      I am more happy to see that Cam ended up on top after the big boys got done playing ro-sham-bo. And ignorance is bliss, making up all the thoughts in my head when reading the report is way better than knowing what actually happened when the officials made you stick to the rules and all that stuff….

    12. Adam
      April 2, 2008 at

      I wouldn’t really call it ro-sham-bo, it’s not like we were playing cat and mouse. We never asked Toyota for help and didn’t expect them to. We just didn’t have the firepower in the waning parts of the stage. Each rider on the team rode their ass off on that stage and a great ride to Cam for his stage win. I’m not trying to take anything away from it, it was a thing of beauty to watch. I just wish Toyota would race the race and not race against us. Although, it is funny when their “A” squad gets beat by us when we only have a few heavy hitters out there.

    13. Emily
      April 2, 2008 at

      You are right in calling Rebecca Rising BIG talent. She rode away from the W 3/4 field at Orosi the second time up the climb and soloed in for the win. Rebecca has been finishing 1st or 2nd in every race she has entered this season. She should have more than enough points for a well deserved upgrade to CAT 2 and will surely catch the eye of some of the local women’s pro teams.

    14. Katie
      April 3, 2008 at

      Rebecca was killing it in races three years ago and then she kind of disappeared. Nice to know she’s back!

    15. April 3, 2008 at

      Hey Hernando, when phipps joined zteam last year guys started hitting on him so we had to cut hair. On Coppers-slopolis race, that was Brain Gillis–a med student racing Elite for us. thanks for the nice plug though. we have 3 new guys who are super strong, Nate of course, Justin laue and Brian. Like Phipps they were all pretty much runners and all Cat 5’s jsut last sept. Keep an eye out for Nate and Justin at NRC races. scary what young lads can do these days. HZ

    16. Michael Hernandez
      April 3, 2008 at

      very, very cool what you’re doing up there Hunter.

      keep us posted! pretty sure i’ve got the ZTeam site RSS’d in our sidebars, but i’ll make sure tonite.

    17. April 3, 2008 at

      Zteam is full of some serious up-and-comers. Great job Hunter!

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