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    1. Katie
      April 3, 2008 at

      I thought this was interesting, but couldn’t get past this sentence: “Our syringes came gift wrapped in the morning and evening during stage races, and in the 2007 Tour de France one of my former roommates sat behind the wheel of a team car pulling feathers out of his hair.”

      Please translate. This must be some really obvious thing that I’m just missing? Feathers–really?

    2. April 3, 2008 at

      rabobank – prob. peter post

      chicken feathers…the chicken…rasmussen

    3. veloandvino
      April 3, 2008 at

      man I thought it was a couple of days late for april fools.

    4. April 3, 2008 at

      Why the Vulture is Bald

      The vulture was originally a humble old bird, and rather stupid. His plumage was not exceptionally beautiful, but quite passable. One day, however, he noticed that his feathers were falling off. He consulted other birds, who told him that he was merely moulting, and new would grow later. But the vulture was pessimistic, and soon became thin and sickly with worry about his plumage. At last the other birds took pity on him, and each gave him a feather to stick on his body. When all the birds had given him their feathers, the vulture looked a wonderful bird with a plumage of all colors.

      The vulture now became conceited. He strutted about in his borrowed feathers, and declared that he was the most beautiful of all the birds. He became more and more proud until he asked the birds to recognize him as their king. At this insolence, the birds pecked off, not only the feathers that they had given the vulture, but also the vulture’s own feathers. So when the birds had finished with him, the vulture looked old and ugly and bald. That is why even at the present day the vulture is a sour and ugly old bird.

    5. Sabine
      April 3, 2008 at

      He probably means that the dude was amped. Pulling feathers out of your hair, looking for crack in the carpet, that kind of stuff.

    6. Sabine
      April 3, 2008 at

      I like vultures

    7. hJandy
      April 3, 2008 at

      “Grewals was Panasonic 85-86, Breukink was Skala 85 and Panasonic 86-89”

      but I like the vulture thingy better….

      Kinda makes you think it is Johan with his Astana team racing more Norcal races than Grand Tours…..

    8. April 3, 2008 at

      I’m pretty sure he’s referring to Theo de Rooy (his teammate back in 85).

      I’m proud of Alexi for coming forward. He and I have talked about this issue a few times and now he’s speaking about it to the world. Awesome.

      Hopefully the others will come forward as well.

    9. hJandy
      April 3, 2008 at

      guess it depends on who was driving, the DS or the GM at last years tour…

      either way they both work…

    10. El Gato
      April 3, 2008 at

      Yes….but will he return the Gold Medal??

    11. Cheflandria
      April 3, 2008 at

      Live coverage of Redlands TT Stage…


    12. Michael Hernandez
      April 3, 2008 at

      my money is on BJM winning the TT.

      AJM might be top-10, but it’s just a monster field this year.


    13. nitro
      April 3, 2008 at

      And I thought that he only ate poppy seed muffins.

      Good for him, though. I am an advocate of this kind of cleansing, both for the sport and for the cyclist.

      And I must say, I’ll always have a soft spot for the freak. His 84 Olympic ride inspired me to ride hard.

      And he was most certainly referring to de Rooy, and I’d think that the feather reference was those flying off the Chicken.

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