• don’t get cocky, kid

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    strength and saavy of the CalGiant Strawberry boys …

    James Mattis nets them a 5th on the stage, and a righteous move up in the caravan.

    That’s just fine riding, all the way around.

    – – –

    and what’s to be said about RockRacing stealing back that jersey from Dimas other than … the criterium tomorrow. and mayhem.

    There’s usually a time cut at the half-way point. Meaning, you make it halfway … you can get the f*ck out of dodge and slink off course and still ride to see the Sunset Loop.

    But, that first half can be insanity on wheels. It’s not like Athens where eyes are closed and belief in health coverage reigns supreme. No, Redlands is spitfire open throttle drag racing. And the unaccustomed engine overheats and explodes.

    But it will be decided on Sunday. That bloody, bloody Sunday’s Sunset.  And the RockR’s will likely defend the feared Tour climber of the early 2000’s.

    with Sevilla.

    and Hamilton. and Pena.  and Rodriguez. (and creedklingerleogrande)


    great race.

    weird race, but great race.



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