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    it was a beautiful weekend, so much to gab on about … so, i’ll excuse myself from the conference call and saddle up for a shot at the land speed-scribble record.
    and awaaaay we go~

    – – – – –

    rellends.jpgThe top story has to be Redlands. I’ve not read Ried’s article on it yet, so i’m fascinated to think on how that last day went down on the physics and brass tacks sides of things. But Wrubleski taking the race by swinging fastest in the bonussprints? … let me just say that if a rider can take a grueling sufferfest like Redlands on time prizes, and against a team like High Road …

    that rider is one you want on your squad.

    what a coup by Webcor … what a piercing cry to the world of cycling that this team is still on top of the game, still the stage racing team of America.

    lastofthemohicans.jpgMore to say there, obviously but time is short and topics are many

    … but must squeak through the needle the huge performance put in by the Aaron’s squad and their mightyhunter KatCarroll. Carroll has a bit of hawkeye in her, you know? The still features, the dark eyes … a pedaling bird of prey. She is the kind of rider that makes you want to watch bike racing.

    – – – – –

    Crits are for kids …

    martinezcrit.jpgAt the Martinez Criteriums ~ The RockR’s put 2 in the break of 5 to seal off the prosey race and book-end a nice west coast weekend of racing for the runway models. Looks as though they pumped a nice 1-3 oil-town prize split. SteveReaney was almost able to beat the sprinters … it’s a good finish for him, a longlong slightly uphill drag where all the horsemeat is unleashed, and able to pull kinetics from the potential.

    I’m sure that race was a burner, it’s a course where the strong can shine pretty damn bright.

    Santa Cruz was won by the Zwissa on the men’s side, and some mystery AltoVelo rider that we couldn’t recognize for la’Femmes. Sabine and i were at the bottom of the course and saw the AV rider pushing very, very well on the pedals in the final moments of solo victory. PROMAN’s VPerkins flatted with 2 to go, putting a deep stab of frustration through her shoulders, i’m sure. PROMAN had Metzger and LaLaLloyd covering the field pretty well and Perkins looked poised to strike at any time … but when the big finisher’s tire went flat, the game became wide-open and the AV rider was smooth and strong in those final minutes to hold off the chasing field and win it well.

    I, on the otherhand, had nothing but poo coming out of my ears on Sunday.

    santacruzwarships.jpgThe geezers race was full-guns and i put in one hail-mary sufferfest of a move to try and get up, or bring back the beauty move of Hutchinson, Roberston, and what look to be Roemer (and eventually Nolan).

    Nolan was the last to bridge across and you can see his cool-factor jumping to 12 as he pumps the air in congrats to his teammate’s win. What a race, what a race. But, i was relegated to slobering-side-show-Bob for this event.


    – – –

    That wee barbarian Shelley Olds says i’m overtrained, but she says that about half the peleton ~ so, it’s probably only part-true. I mean, sometimes you’ve just got to dig the grave deep ~ as a reminder … and because it’s f’all fun. It started with getting entirely too lustful last week with intervals. It probably had something to do with the lady being in her womanly-seclusion for 4-7 days, if you know what i mean. That time of the month always sends my hormone factors nutzo and i start rubbing against things like a freshly-whiskered cat.

    so, i took it to the saddle, i guess.

    teamsessualchocolates.jpgTopping off last week was the Swanton Time Trial that DavideGill and the SantaCruzCycling fabulosos put on a Thursday a month when season’s lighting is available. The course is beautiful and demanding ~ letting you work on any aspect of clock-racing you’d like … long windy-flat drags, leg-breaking rollers, a mile+ climb … all packed into a half-hour. And usually timed so you can get some miles in before and after. Loverly.

    but you’d think Gill would at least get my team name right.

    ah well.

    BUT SATURDAY, me and the girl were freed up and let loose upon each other and the UC/Wilder super-trails. We went out and bang’d it for a few hours, jumping and hucking it up like good adolescents in heat should. Unfortunately, late in the game, we found ourselves chancing into a meet with MarkFitzimmons and his NewZealand Yeti-FOX downhillers.

    huli_needs_sometoo.jpgI was following Sabine and her bigdaddyDawg … a superplush KONA basher bike with all the bells and whistles of a fine, big hit go-machine. It weighs 30lbs, but it screams downhill if you’ve the kettles boiling for such speeds. Uphill, however, takes a bit more pedalpushing and normally, on a tight difficult uphill techy section, Sabine will dismount and run her bike up and over such obstacles like any good cyclocross trained-hound would.

    But, Fitzimmons and the Zealanders were tossing around behind us like a howling pack of lost boys, and i think she got all piss’n vinegar on me. I was doing my usual day-dream appreciation behind her, not really paying too much attention to the single-track and just tip-toeing after her lines all duckling-like. I love trailing Sabine as she whips and navigates through the forests of the sCruz ~ it’s our time.

    But this time she hucked it up a tricky little rooty-bit and i flat-out was caught contemplating my belly-button. Like i said, most instances like this and she’d give out some recognizable body english or hoot of oompf if a section will kick up on the challenge meter ~ but, this time she was all quiet and assertive … like how a dog gets right before it really does bite … and she threw herself up and over that stairstep of root and dirt without any discomfort or sign of stress at all.

    and it fooled me.

    me.jpgi was caught low and fast into a section i needed to be high and bouncy. I pulled my front wheel up and over lickety-split … the front’s always easier for me … but then my rear wasn’t quite quick enough and i had to do a bit of heel-instigated bike-levitation, swinging my wheel up and over, but not able to move myself out of the way as the saddle whipped up and speared me straight and proper.

    The point of that fizik buried itself right in the sweet spot of my hamstring, like a perfectly placed hunter’s maiming tip. le ouch.

    doh! There goes the hamstring knotting up. zap! how about that sciatica! whammy! you got girl’d again, boy-0!

    – – –

    lovegurup1.jpganyway, we finished the ride and put some decadent food stuffs into our bellies and by the time we found home ~ the right side of my body started pulling my left side over for a conversation about how bad it felt and how mad it was at me for acting the fool again.

    but you can’t let those things get the better of you, eh? ‘cuz the dirt riding got the girl all zoned and grooving for a session of rewards that night and that is definitely worth any risk of injury. I mean, you youngsters won’t really understand what it’s like to be draped and happy, only able to muster a faint ‘high-five’ of accomplishment before collapsing back in bliss.

    trust me, it takes a few years of makin’ it over logs … and crashing into them, to find those types of moments.

    oh and how we crash.



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    22 Responses to by the shorties

    1. Ted
      April 7, 2008 at

      The mystery Webcor Alto Velo Women’s rider is Lauren Hecht. She’s only 20 and been riding only a year. She’s been quietly killing it the last year in the local races. For those paying attention she won San Ardo in the 2007 W123 race and has a bunch of other results recently in the 3’s. She’s definitely one to watch this year…

    2. Michael Hernandez
      April 7, 2008 at

      Ahh. I recognized the name, and thought that might be her, but don’t ever remember seeing what she looks like.

      It was very impressive.


    3. Michael Hernandez
      April 7, 2008 at

      hey, you got the VNewz feed up … sort of.

      i never did email them about their feed error, i’ll do that today.

    4. Michael Hernandez
      April 7, 2008 at

      The feed was fixed and working this morning…now its not. However, their feed does currently validate. So they fixed that.

      I dunno….but the slideshow is nice.


    5. Michael Hernandez
      April 7, 2008 at

      wouldn’t it figure, that the bummer life feed is the most reliable of all of them?


    6. green
      April 7, 2008 at

      Hecht is very impressive and strong physically. The bummer is she’s not a team player (chases down teammates in breaks, blocks them in sprints, never interested in working with them if it won’t benefit her own results, etc). Notice the lack of women AV racers this year? It’s too bad.

    7. Michael Hernandez
      April 7, 2008 at

      well, i haven’t watched her race a lot – so will lay off that kind of judgment.

      but i will judge thee, green.

      say the name if you play that tossing rock’s game on my site. i don’t have much truk with folks returning rocks to my yard, but if you’re going to toss at glass houses in these parts, be sure to include your own address.

    8. April 7, 2008 at

      was wondering about the Yeti’s. we saw their big trailer on a residential street in MV on Saturday night……yeah, I have a Yeti so I noticed.

    9. Rebecca
      April 7, 2008 at

      I raced with Lauren last year and can say this win is not a fluke — she’s extremely strong and I can only imagine she’ll get stronger.
      I think what Green refers to has more to do with her being young and new to the sport. It’s a weird combo of individual and team effort, this crazy sport, and it’s hard to get (we all should know that).
      The complexities will come hopefully (but, tis true, she’ll need teammates to show she can work with them). If so, she’s going to go far. Another NorCal up and comer!

    10. Rebecca
      April 7, 2008 at

      oh, and yeti rocks my socks.

    11. bethwellie
      April 7, 2008 at

      Following your woman and the dawg down any trail is pretty damn sweet. and throw in some cocky boys to the mix and out of no where you’re lucky if you can keep up with her! fun fun!

    12. April 7, 2008 at

      ah yes, sabine is just my kinda gal to ride with, laughs and giggles, not too hammer up the hills but on like donkey kong down hills, chuckin’ the bubble and fast too. good times hope to do it soon again!

    13. Emily
      April 8, 2008 at

      Lauren is super strong and very nice. This is the second year I have raced with her. She won Fort Ord last year and would have won Copperopolis this year if she had not been DQ’d for crossing the double yellow line at the finish.

      At Copperopolis she passed me on the descent after I got gapped when the men’s P/1/2 field swarmed our group and offered me her wheel to chase back on. I would tend to agree with Rebecca that she’s young and fairly new to the sport and will only improve on the tactical front over time. She is talented and should go very far.

    14. Anonymous
      April 8, 2008 at

      “Green” with envy…….

    15. kwc
      April 8, 2008 at

      Lauren kicks butt — I think Sea Otter ’07 was her first race, which means its been less than a year on the circuit. Any mistakes at this point are a chance for mentorship, not personal attacks on blogs.

    16. amy d
      April 9, 2008 at

      Mike – were you and Sabine at Redlands? And you didn’t come say hi to me? How are ya anyways?

    17. Carola
      April 9, 2008 at

      1.) Green with envy is right.
      2.) I don’t like people posting inflammatory remarks who don’t even have the guts to say their name.
      3.) While I haven’t had the chance to race much with Lauren cause last year I was recovering from surgery after smashing my knee to pieces, and am now living in Boston, I raced with her enough to know that she’s not chasing down her teammates (yes, I’m Alto Velo).
      4.) Yes, she’s very strong and will get far unless she has the bad luck of running into more people like Green.
      5.) She’s also very young and has a lot to learn. But she’s got a terrific coach who I’m sure will also teach her some tactics.
      6.) Alto Velo never had a lot of female racers aside from the Webcor pro women, who happen to have very similar outfits, which is why it may seem that AV is decimated this year as the pros are doing more UCI/NRC and not local races.

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    21. Michael Hernandez
      April 10, 2008 at

      wow, those comments were all blown out.

      whoever wrote em: nope, wasn’t at redlands, but surely i did embellish and more than likely i said hi to you.

      doing well, but don’t know what meliorate is. but i think i like it, nonetheless.

      and i wear rudy’s, mostly.

    22. Ileana
      April 10, 2008 at

      I raced with Lauren as a teammate this year and last.
      She is very strong and young, I agree… nothing wrong with that. She has talent and she is learning fast. I enjoyed racing with her, she is a great listener and a wonderfull teammate.
      Green…go and talk to Lauren and stop “posting inflammatory remarks” about someone you do not know.

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