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    by  • April 19, 2008 • norcal scene • 10 Comments

    ohhhhh.jpgGots some pictures up from the races today at Hellyer.

    While the yayhoos were down in Monterey beating their heads against the Otter, us civilized folk were up in the SJ spinning free of breaks and shifters.

    and it was just fine.

    The turnout was excellent and the racing was full gas.

    and we’re just getting started.

    PS ~ The Pro Women’s Circuit Race today was another epic … luckily, they were given a finish this year. Winds howled, legs raged … and in the end, it was a hardwoman’s day where Cheerwine and Colavita took wood to the world, all falling under their strength of will … except for, of course, our homegrown PROMAN champ, Shelley Olds. In her first race of the year … a fat purse prize of 2nd (with her teammie VirginiaPerkins nabbing 9th).

    Cromwell of Colavita may have been the goddess of the day … but, we shine light on our own.

    Congrats, Shell.



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    10 Responses to Track Dayz

    1. April 19, 2008 at

      Great race for Proman, check out the action…

    2. CaboWabo
      April 20, 2008 at

      Yeah, It sure beats pedaling DOWN the corkscrew like some of us had to do on Saturday.
      Question: Would someone that only has 50cm hambones have fun on the track?

    3. AmSpectator
      April 20, 2008 at

      From what I heard, Shelley was sucking wheel in the break like she worked for Elliot Spitzer. Way to race for second place!

    4. April 20, 2008 at

      Hell yeah she sucked wheel, it’s called tactics.

      At first the break had 3 Cheerwines, 2 Tibco’s, 2 Colavita’s, 2 Promans, 1 Advil. Both Promans were cooked, Helene was off the front solo for 3-4 laps, and Shelley had to bridge. Colavita took the reigns and drove the break to drop Van Gilder. Once the break split, there were 2 Cheerwine, 2 Colivata, 1 Tibco, 1 Proman. The break is long gone, Shelley is the remaining sprinter. Why work?

      Colavita had to attack, otherwise Cheerwine could have sat on and waited for Van Gilder. And thats what they did, Cronwell rode away. If Shelley chases, and they catch Cronwell (which would have never happened), she basically would have been working to set Dotsie up for a counter.

      It’s a no brainer, chase w/ a 5% chance for victory, or sit in w/ a 50% chance for a win (if Cheerwine can bring back Cronwell)…if they cant, it’s an 80% for 2nd. She was riding to maximize her chance of a win, not her break mates. I was very proud of her, those are hardball tactics for a rookie, and she executed the plan flawlessly.

    5. AmSpectator
      April 20, 2008 at

      Can you elaborate on where you are getting your percentages from? The back of your chamois?

      Once Cromwell went off, if Shelley takes a turn at the front or at least semi cooperates with the break to get Cromwell back, the break of 6 is back together and Shelley has a 1/6 chance of winning. If she sits in on the break, doesn’t do any work, she has 0 percent chance of winning, and a good chance of second place, based on her abilities as a sprinter. Since 1/6 is greater than zero, I don’t see how she was “riding to maximize her chances of winning.” Perhaps riding to maximize her spot on the podium…but she was NOT riding to win. Since she beat the 5 girls in the sprint, perhaps she should have worked to bring Cromwell back, and perhaps sprinted for victory?

    6. Michael Hernandez
      April 20, 2008 at

      what in the hell?

      first off, it’s Shelley first race back after a break (finally … after world cup track work, natz cross, and a full road season). So, in her first race of the year … she rides at the front of Sea Otter’s NRC.


      2nd off … if you’ve got a grudge against Shelley … that’s fine. swim in your little grudge.

      but if you’re going to snap shit like that here, you sign your name or get it deleted. i don’t mind anybody shooting hate at me here using the anonymous hides … i deserve it.

      but i don’t allow digs at other people from anonymous douchebags, so any further will be deleted.


    7. Sabine
      April 20, 2008 at

      Shelly’s a stud. Proman animated that race. I’m proud of how our local girls and team raced an NRC event.

    8. Jesus Chong
      April 21, 2008 at

      I don’t agree very often with “High Pitch”…er..Her-nado, so I won’t this time, I’ll agree with Hooptie :).

      Good job Shelly.

      ps Thank God the fat guy in the black woolie had his head turned away from the camera

    9. Michael Hernandez
      April 21, 2008 at

      don’t worry, i got a frontal of the black wool’d fatguy

      sans jesuschong facials, of course.

    10. Tim
      April 21, 2008 at

      sounds like someone needs a racing tactics 101 refresher. and i totally agree w/ mikey, sign your damn name if you’re gonna stir it up like that…

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