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    drunks.jpgFRIDAY NIGHT RACES … come to my party!

    NorCal fans of the cycloverse ~ how about coming over to the Hellyer Velodrome this Friday (May 9th) to watch some track races. I’m gonna be promoting the 2008 Friday Night Races ~ dates are here.

    This Friday is actually “presented by norcalcyclingnews” … meaning, i’m gonna go out and grab a bunch of viddles and drinks for everybody to nosh on while they stomp and scream at their favorites out on the track.

    But i need people there to party!

    So, come on out and have a good time with us. The weather will be angelic … and you haven’t experienced “golden hour” until you’ve seen Hellyer at twilight. It’s magic … so think about bringing your camera.

    And hey! Come out and give me a few good heckles ~ cuz i’ll be on the mic all not long … busting out the falsetto commentos and giggled up mega-cheers for the racers and fans. Here’s what to expect:

    • There is plenty of parking [directions] (does cost you $6 County Park Fee, but you can pay by card – but, no costs beyond that to spectate at Hellyer),
    • there will be free food and drink (while it lasts, yo), and
    • if you get there by 6pm, you’ll hear some sweet live music by Kenny Schick.
    • At 7pm the racing begins. We’ll end a bit after 9pm, or soonest possible.

    cometotrack.jpg If you’re a road rider and want to really see what finishes of races look like up close and personal … the velodrome is the PLACE for you.

    On a Friday Night, you’ll see dozens of sprints and you won’t be able to stop yourself from learning a few tricks of the trade … and maybe get a little taste of it in your mouth, eh?

    And you never know … you might find yourself checking the Hellyer Calendar for any of them Beginner Classes to get all certified and educated for track riding.

    it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s the INCREDIBLE training for both the body and mind of a racer.

    – – –

    This Friday you’ll be able to see some quick and burly Match Sprints, a crazy Win-n-Out format that will leave you laughing, and the always crowd pleasing Miss-n-Outs where you’ll be body twisting and gasping in body english as you watch racers dive smoothly around each other.

    And, for the true roadies there will be the standard Scratch and Points races – which we of the tarmac seem to gravitate towards …. for some reason.itsmyparty.jpg

    If you’ve never been to the track, this is a great night to come out and see quite a few different disciplines revving up engines on the banks. There will be Women’s racing, men’s racing, and even a KiddieKilo that you BET you can enter your nipper in.

    email me if you’ve any questions and i hope you’ll come to my party.






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    6 Responses to hey blogosphere … now requesting some attendance

    1. Williams Wheels
      May 6, 2008 at


      Williams will pick up the tab for the food and drinks! I don’t make track wheels and I won’t be there, but what the hell, it’s a party!

      Shoot me an email


    2. Michael Hernandez
      May 6, 2008 at

      you’re on, Keith!

      thanks again for all you do for NorCal cycling.

    3. L to the V
      May 6, 2008 at

      hey what’s this about a “golden shower” this Friday?! woo-hoo! er um what? Golden hour? Oh I thought John said that Fred said that Michael said “golden shower”? Oh my bad. Good times anyway. Come on out y’all!

    4. May 7, 2008 at

      I wish I lived closer to the track…you guys all make it seem so fun! Partying, bikes, racing, all in one place, im so jealous!!

    5. Brian Peterson
      May 7, 2008 at

      Bring warm clothes, spectating or racing. It gets cold when the sun goes down!

    6. May 26, 2008 at

      I’m lucky
      mp3 music
      mp3 music


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