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    Hey there folks, here’s some newz for yo’ shoes ~

    kennyschickposter.jpgKENNY SCHICK ~ Live at the ‘Drome!

    Just in case you wanted to listen to some kickass music while you watch people go in circles.

    Directions to the track are here.

    We’ll have free food and drink, so come on out for a later afternoon of relaxing and kicking off your weekend with biker friends.

    Bring a jacket, get there early, heckle the bikers.

    – – –

    Speaking of Biker Friends ~

    Check out this awesome program that the Bicycle Trip in Santa Cruz is putting together.

    bike_school_awesomeness.jpgThis is VERY important stuff … well, from the opinion of a person involved in public health. It’s striking us all, that more and more ~ the modern lifestyle is one of valuing physical activity less and less.

    And weirdly, our culture seems to be losing an appreciation of the beauties and sublime pleasures of physical activity in the outdoors. But, maybe that’s just my interpretation of our culture.

    Nonetheless, the folks at Bicycle Trip are reaching out to youth and offering them glimpses of what fun and benefit one gets when soaking in movement, diving into the outside world … getting away from that damnable idiot-box, if you know what i mean.

    Now, it’s kind of subversive … what they’re doing … disguising the program as a “bike shop” at the school … but what they’re really doing is kicking interest in youth about bikes, and riding, and laughing it up with the heart rate above tv-eating levels.

    hell yeah. check them out, and if you’ve got a few extra bucks … think about becoming a sponsor. Contact Julie Mitchell if you want more info, julie @ bicycletrip.com.

    – – –

    NorCal MTB League RAWKS!

    norcalmtb.gifHey, aside from all the amazing races and outreach these folks put in … they’ve also got an ART CONTEST going on!!!

    Right on, right on ~ combining a couple of my favorite activities … bikes and drawrings.

    Spread the word, yo. And be sure to check out the cool stuff you can buy from the League.

    Good cause, and all.

    – – –

    Speaking of Good Causes … PROMAN’s Phone Program

    prophones.jpgyup, the PROMAN beauties are doing their own kind of good works.

    be sure to play along with the beauties, folks. it’s good karma and … well, it just feels fine.

    – – – – –

    ok, gotta jet … too much to do, never enough time …




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    1. Hooptie
      May 9, 2008 at

      Bike Trip rules!

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