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    Locals only, yo ~

    I’ll be putting on a Beginner Session this Monday, May 12th at the Hellyer Velodrome. Here’s a wee blurb:

    The Monday night Beginners are introductory sessions oriented towards introducing you to Hellyer Velodrome rider etiquette, rules of the track, and concepts of track racing. These workouts will be low-intensity – focusing on application of etiquette/rules of the track in a fun, relaxed environment. Track opens at 5:30pm, Session begins at 6pm, close at sunset(ish).

    Beginner Sessions dates thru end of June:
    May 12, May 26, June 9, June 23.

    superduuper.jpgCome on down if you can. And i won’t turn anyone away for being late, just try and get there as early as you can.

    You can rent bikes there … and they aren’t too shabby.

    You can show up just to watch, if you want to see what the hullabaloo is all about.

    Directions to the track are here.

    lemme know if you’ve any questions.


    – – –

    a bit O’ hotness from the track last Friday.

    “The Women’s Points Race would be won in dominating fashion by World Cup rider, Shelley Olds. However, Miss-n-Out winner Beth Newell would lead a valiant chase with Donna Woods and Sabine Dukes as they attempt to get on terms with the PROMAN/Paradigm rider.”
    credit: OTB Photos, http://www.otbphoto.com/

    “Jenny Oh and Beth Newell were crowd favorites at the opening Friday Night event at Hellyer.”
    credit: OTB Photos, http://www.otbphoto.com/

    “PROMAN/Paradigm’s Shelley Olds would take a lap on the field and show that 2008 will be another stepping stone towards her goal of the 2012 Olympics.”
    credit: OTB Photos, http://www.otbphoto.com/

    “Mary Maroon has been racing heavily on the road circuit thus far in 2008, but this Friday showed that the VanderKitten rider is ready to attack the track and show why she has become an icon in the NorCal fixed gear community.”
    credit: OTB Photos, http://www.otbphoto.com/

    “Donna Woods of Team Walthour is another rider looking to prepare herself for the US Masters’ National Championships at Hellyer in 2008.”
    credit: OTB Photos, http://www.otbphoto.com/



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    14 Responses to wanna try the track?

    1. Marc
      May 11, 2008 at

      Video of some races and the main event women’s miss and out up soon
      on Hellyervelodrome.

    2. donna woods
      May 11, 2008 at

      Thank you so much Michael for hosting and announcing Friday Night Live at the Track and havig races for us women. You rock and so does Larry! What a great show. Here’s a song for you and Sabine.




    3. May 11, 2008 at

      so much fun on Friday! thank you. chitty chat soon.

      ps — Sabine rocks!

    4. donna woods
      May 11, 2008 at

      and thank you Rob Evans for the good pics and sprints.

    5. Michael Hernandez
      May 11, 2008 at

      muchas gracias

    6. Ciclista
      May 11, 2008 at

      Yo, do you have to attend all four learning sessions? I want to come but will have to take off work early and that can happen once … twice if i have my boss look at the birdie whilst i slip out the back.

    7. Michael Hernandez
      May 12, 2008 at

      get a biggie birdie, yo.

      email me off-line and let me know your road experience. the beginner sessions are crucial for learning how to be safe and ride within the rules of the track. crashes on the track are rare, but they suck – and mostly, are due to folks not having awareness on the bike.

      it’s 3 sessions to race at Hellyer. that is RARELY a rule pushed aside just because if we let folks out there race who aren’t quite ready … it impacts us directly. as in, they can crash us.

      so, since we’re so utterly interdependent on each other in the velodrome – the BIG emphasis is on safety and fun.

      come on out, and we’ll talk. and like i said, you can email me your road experience and i can do a bit of online mentoring to you as well. whatevah, there’s always a way to get people on the track. but, i have to tell you – if i see folks unsafe at my races, i pull them. bottom line.

      fun, safe, fast.

    8. BethWellie
      May 12, 2008 at

      Big pile of pics from Friday night, and more coming later this week (hopefully). Feel free to pilfer at will…


    9. Michael Hernandez
      May 12, 2008 at

      You’re AWESOME, wellies.

      thanks tons,

    10. May 12, 2008 at

      And, for newbie male roadies, a little known non-secret (it is in the upgrade FAQ on the NCNCA site but few seem to pay attention), the three beginner sessions at Hellyer count as a clinic for the 5->4 experience upgrade.

    11. Kevin Threm
      May 12, 2008 at

      We need to bring pedals for the rental bikes, yes?

    12. Michael Hernandez
      May 12, 2008 at

      thanks, Kevin.

      yeah, bring pedals – or you can use the strap-ons that come with the rentals.

      uh … did i just say ‘strap-on’?

    13. Joel
      May 13, 2008 at

      Hey Mike,
      Thanks to you and Sabine for the obvious effort you guys put into Friday night. Was a great way for me to start the Track season.

      Hey, I can’t find results on the RideTheTrack.com website. Not available yet?

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