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    9 Responses to Longo should totally be a VanderKitten

    1. Katie
      May 13, 2008 at

      But will she be scrubbing any toilets on her way to scrubbing the women’s race? That’s what I want to know!

      Damn, that’s an awesome race. I wish I could do it.

    2. sabine
      May 13, 2008 at

      no ice cream for Flavia

    3. May 13, 2008 at

      or cheese!

      Totally cool to see Longo back here racing!!

    4. Beginner Bike
      May 13, 2008 at

      Michael, what’s a composite tem? Seriously, im new to cycling and don’t know.

    5. Beginner Bike
      May 13, 2008 at

      “tem” should be team.

    6. Davetronic
      May 13, 2008 at

      Very sweet!!

    7. Michael Hernandez
      May 13, 2008 at


      composite teams are for folks who can’t get there normal squad up there (schedule conflict, etc) but want to band together with quality riders. team riding is always more enjoyable and i’m sure there are things to learn by watching experienced riders.

      anyway, each rider gets a written release from their current team letting the rider perform as a “guest” on that squad, for that specific race only.

      very cool system. our US National system uses it as ways to get riders over to Europe, too.

      but, more on that latter, gotta eat after Nolan’s Tuesday Night Hammerfest at the Velodrome. It was so fun.

    8. Beginner Bike
      May 14, 2008 at

      thanks Michael!

    9. Anonymous
      May 15, 2008 at

      Longo and Vanderkitten/Velo Girls. Now there’s a composite team!

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