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    all_binnes.jpgso, last night got a glimpse of how me and the SpecialKid’s BInnes could completely dominate the US Natz Madison Champ’s this year at Hellyer.

    We’re of the same age and did some exchanges last night during the events. Let’s just say there would be nothing but carnage at our feet if we somehow found the time and gumption to team up for the Natz throwing contest.

    i’m sure our team rides will see us on opposite sides for the big show (i can still dream), but maybe i’ll be able to sweet talk him into hooking up with me for the AVC. We can do the Elite’s that way, besides.

    better competition for us.

    Anyway, last night also saw a couple confirmations that some (trackies, and potential trackies) might be interested in:

    1) FresnOakland “sponsored” Friday Night Track Race, May 23rd … yeah, we may see some serious VanderKitten action for that night.

    hatch.jpgVanderDave Verrechia (owner of VK) has tentatively committed to sending a crew and a venue setup to knock socks off at the FresnOakland party.

    During the warmup circle at last night’s Nolan Endurance Fest, it was decided with a bunch of us hommies that we would have an endurance p1/2/3 event on the 23rd that would be a Mystery Points Race … meaning, it’ll be a 60 lap event with 10 sprints, but the sprints will be MYSTERY signaled.

    maroon.jpgThe only persons who will know when the sprint laps are will be the officials and the Celebrity Bell Ringer, hopefully Liz Hatch of VK. (Liz, please come to our shindig … we promise we’ll keep Beth under control and not have her rub her hotness in your face, too much).

    Either way, I’m hoping that MadMaryMaroon is in town and will return and represent VK out on the track again for the 23rd. Crowd Pleaser.

    What a party, what a party.

    – – –

    keirin.jpg2) Also confirmed, we’ll be running Kierin Qualifiers for the May 23rd Match Sprints.

    We’re expanding the Sprint roster to 16 riders for the 23rd event, each Sprinter will do ONE (1) Keirin qualifier in Round 1. The Kierins will be 4-up, and top-2 advance. Then, from Round 2 on to the Finals, it will be 2-ups for our Sprinters, just like last week’s event.

    Last week’s opening Friday Night Finals were an AWESOME match between my teammie, Matias “Mr.Pink” Elgart and the ageless adonis, Larry Nolan of the SpecialK’s.

    and i hope we get even more Sprint action on the 23rd. Please email me if you want to be added to the Sprint List … remember, only 16 spots and some are taken already – so act fast.

    3) Remember, free music, food, drink at each Friday Night Race at Hellyer. Check the Hellyer Calendar for more info on the 23rd event, and the rest of the series. Updated information with more details will be available before each Friday event.

    Cash prizes + some merchandise, too (Peet’s Coffee + Voler Team Apparel gift certificates from Linda and John Elgart).


    – – – – –

    hoodies.jpgCONGRATS to the NorCal champs up crushing that Prologue at Mt. Hood.

    nice win, Ben. And AJM in eight? And how about Patella’s 12th? and Gomez in 7th?

    nice opener.

    and is this the quote of the month, or what?

    Beyond being a specialist at the short prologue races, Jacques-Maynes said he had a little extra motivation today. “The guys here were asking me to win it for the circuit tomorrow. It is supposed to be pretty tight and they wouldn’t mind being on the front for that! So I obliged them.” [cyclingnews]

    yeah baby!



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    29 Responses to welcome to my playhouse

    1. May 14, 2008 at

      are you throwing in a WOman’s keirin? xoxo

    2. Michael Hernandez
      May 14, 2008 at

      what about Velo Girls night on the 30th?

      that would be awesome. we could have podium boys.

    3. Michael Hernandez
      May 14, 2008 at

      oh, matias and gio … to the podium for the presentations, puh-lease

    4. sabine
      May 14, 2008 at

      you guys were totally cheating last night

    5. Anonymous
      May 14, 2008 at

      Can you invite Fabian Cancellara to be the Celebrity Bell Ringer for Velo Girls night?

    6. Jenny Oh
      May 14, 2008 at

      Whoops – full disclosure – that was my FC comment above. 😉

    7. Michael Hernandez
      May 14, 2008 at

      if Horner’s back in town we could get him

      close second?

    8. Anonymous
      May 14, 2008 at

      Get Boonen or go home. ;-)~

    9. clm
      May 14, 2008 at

      Yes, FABIAN!!!!!!!!! Actually, any Italian would work.

    10. Michael Hernandez
      May 14, 2008 at

      Isn’t he swiss?

      and, from the gossip vines, a wee bit of a snoot.

      I’m a ditto for the Boonen as bell ringer. If for no other reason than to watch Angela swoon herself silly.

    11. Michael Hernandez
      May 14, 2008 at

      oops, that was me! (just in here sorting the posts with tags)


    12. hAndy
      May 14, 2008 at

      Just wait until I get Studly up to speed…..

    13. twinkiepatissier
      May 14, 2008 at

      it’s kEIrin, ??.

      ? (kei: compete, race)
      ? (rin: wheels)


    14. Michael Hernandez
      May 14, 2008 at

      i believe that calls for an ~

      arigatou gozaimashita

    15. Mucho Breader
      May 14, 2008 at

      Studly? Is that what you call yourself? Or are you bringing a horse to the track to offer services?

    16. clm
      May 14, 2008 at

      Yes, Fab is Swiss. And a nice guy from what I know from a mutual friend. My mind just automatically turns to Italians. 🙂

    17. chatterbox
      May 14, 2008 at

      yes! Women’s Keirin for the 30th. And any pro bike racer with some meat on him for the bell ringer.

    18. May 14, 2008 at

      yes, yes, yes! ladies, you tell us what you want for the 30th. we want this to be a special night of racing for all of you.

      and eye candy is just dandy!

    19. Race2Race
      May 14, 2008 at

      Wow Velogirl — you are EVERYWHERE. You go girl.

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