• my bike to work day 2

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    so, i didn’t ride to work today.

    but here’s my week – and we’ll check the balance sheets when we’re dead ~

    MONDAY ~

    Taught a Beginner Session at the Hellyer Velodrome. Loads of new people coming to the track and the ones i met monday were hip and excited about upcoming cyclo events.

    Yeah baby, energy on the rise at our local Velodrome.

    drove: 110 miles round trip.

    montanovelo_at_hellyer_whernando.jpgTUESDAY ~

    almost sprinted Dylan for cookies, but in the end he was too fabulous on the bike.

    Tried to get these kids looking at the Velodrome and interested in trying the track, but only 1 of them didn’t laugh at me cuz my spanish was so bad.


    lickit.jpgtried to meet up with the swobo FeatsOfStrength ride, but stevil went walk-about and instead i got a super-tasty beer and swig o’ clam juice from Grant and a cool chick near by while i waited to see if he’d show up anyway.

    but then, a kid came up and i asked him for a race. the kid says he won, but i think there were a couple people who saw and can maybe judge it more objectively.

    i told the kid i accepted he won since he, “hit the brakes first” but then i told him i’d be winning the next one. we shook hands and called it good.

    drove 75 miles that day.


    commuter.jpggot the cold biscuit in the morning, but then saw some hotness in the afternoon where i gave a madison sling to a skateboarder, introduced myself to a history grad taking up writing after graduation, and had a long conversation with my building manager as to why i wouldn’t submit a police report about my stolen commuter bike.

    “I would prefer seeing a police report”

    i know, but it’s not necessary and all staff on our floor are brought up to speed on the theft. they are going to lock doors a bit more (my offices are in the 2nd floor of an old church/school in Santa Cruz).

    “but, why don’t you fill out …”

    well, if i ever see the bike i’ll just try and figure out if that person needed it more than me. if they look like they do, they can have it. if it doesn’t look like they need it, well – i’ll probably just get it back.

    “when their not looking”


    – – –

    Barry Wicks

    thewick.jpganother thing i did was see the GoldenRod climbing up eureka canyon (on his road bike, ah’erm. i was cross, btw).

    For a great article/interview with Wicks, check the VsNewz edition.

    Wicks talks about how maybe a lighter tire, or a different equipment choice might be the difference in 30 places in the UCI World Cups.

    that and not crashing.

    but, let’s think about that for a second …

    equipment … like a tire choice separating 30 places at the World Cups.

    now ..

    tell me there’s no temptation for these athletes to enhance performance.

    Nice interview, Wicks. And thanks for being about one of the coolest pro riders i’ve come across.

    Please come to our Friday Night Track race if you’re in town May 23rd. I’ll treat you right. And bring Stevil.

    i think the Specialized Crew are going to be there with megaphones and bawdyness for JSwanson. so, we need a full spread heckle-fest for that night.  I can’t WAIT!!!!  And we might have live streaming video of the event via casey kerrigan. and we might have edited movie-flicks from marc franklin, and …

    what a party, what a party.


    – – –

    What else happened this week?

    Well, got a couple people complaining that i suck as Secretary to the Hellyer Board of Directors i volunteer at (add another 125 mile drive to the carbon coffers for that … hey, don’t BOD members on non-profit’s usually get some of the mileage @ IRS rate? hmm… oh wait, i guess that’s a donation, too! at .51c a mile, yippee for in-kind donations!)

    got a couple more people complaining that i don’t put on races right.

    you know the score on that ~ just water over the stone, yeah?

    nocontest.jpgBegged LIZ HATCH to agree to be the MysteryPoints Bell Ringer for the May 23 Friday Night Race at Hellyer.

    awwww yeah, she agreed.

    There will be Hatch visible. i mean, who doesn’t want to see a little Hatch?

    Worked on grant request for some funding. oh, wait … is that my real job? to get money from rich people and give it to poor?

    hmmm, maybe that’s some work i can donate to our region for biking.

    doublehmm… now that’s an interesting thought – combining my work resources and a few of the cycling needs of our region. hmmm again, by joe, i wonder if we have any established programs in the NorCal that i might ask to partner with in a grant proposal to a private foundation. oh, i dunno .. maybe some credible, established programs for kids who might benefit from having a few extra zeroes in their bank accounts.

    why, my goodness – i guess that’s another thing to put on the to-do list.

    Drive Home.




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    11 Responses to my bike to work day 2

    1. casey
      May 15, 2008 at

      Hate to bum you out Hernando but the mileage rate for charitable purposes is only 14 cents per mile. 51 cents per mile is the standard business rate. Now if you want to start a race promotion business then you can deduct the 51 cents per mile but then you would also need some actual income from race promotion.

    2. Joel
      May 15, 2008 at

      “got a couple more people complaining that i don’t put on races right.”

      What’s the complaint Mike exactly? Types of races? Not enough beer? what?

      I had a great time last Friday night. Especially being able to race almost every race with the p1/2/3 and 40+ format! Thanks for all the work and I’ll see you again on the 23rd…

    3. Joel
      May 15, 2008 at

      Oh! And though I was really skeptical about the inverse Win n Out I think it worked out. Like that race and would like to see it again.

    4. Anonymous
      May 15, 2008 at

      Ain’t it funny how the whiners and complainers are the ones who don’t do sh*t? There are a few people around here who pull way more than their share of the load, and you be one of ’em.

      WE LOVE YA, MIKE!!!!

    5. May 15, 2008 at

      I agree – I live forever and a day from your neck of the woods, but it seems to be that you do everything you can to help with the sport. I get whiners here too and man, Anon is right – they usually don’t do sh*t. Ah well…..that’s the way it goes sometimes. Still – you rock – keep up the great work!!

    6. ippoc amic
      May 15, 2008 at

      they had “share the road” signs on I5 today and the sign also said “bike to work day”…cool.

      Friday was fun. You & Sabine put on a great party!

      Hurry here to Bakersfield…we have Belgium beer, port, chocolate.

    7. Jenny Oh
      May 16, 2008 at

      The only thing I would change about last Friday’s night race was that I forgot to grab a beer so that I could enjoy it afterwards. I can’t believe I thought there would be some left at the end of the night! 🙂 Keep up the good work and don’t let a little sniggling get you down.

    8. Jesse/Andy Mendonca
      May 16, 2008 at

      Anyone that said you don’t know how to throw races is full of it. I mean I got the shaft that night with the amount of racing and times of racing but that didn’t make a bit of difference on how the night went for me, I had a great time.

      You threw a great race and even better for it being your first. It was definitely different and very entertaining and that is the part that we don’t get to see often at the track, if ever.

      Keep up the work and keep on trying out new ideas, you have my support with your efforts, I will always make it out no matter what condition I am in.

      Also some events I haven’t seen since Art left

      -unknown/unknown/unknown win-n-out
      -aussie pursuit

      with love,

    9. Jen
      May 16, 2008 at

      Hernando –
      the only thing I know you suck at is getting a hair cut.
      Friday night was great!

    10. Marc
      May 16, 2008 at

      Like the Hellyer Board is likely talking about, some people need
      to get their hands slapped for doing nothing but complaining.

      you have done something unforgivable, donated time, money and
      love to the track and made yourself a natural future leader of the
      track community and the hellyer swiftboat guys dont want to let any
      ammo go bad. Silly and sad, pull a guy down for doing good with
      no strings attached. The criticism is calculated to make you stop.
      Please dont.

    11. S.K.
      May 17, 2008 at

      Like ships in the night… Fuck….

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