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    hellyer naughties.


    so the track on Tuesdays is the training grounds. it’s where geldings first tempt break-neck speeds and thoroughbreds fling up ernest clops of acceleration.

    Tuesday’s are Nolan Nights … and that means you’ve got a guy with world champ stripes on his shoulders. from Manchester.

    so, obviously … it’s game on.

    Joel Shaffer is an excellent bike racer. He took me downtrack a couple of times in the Tuesday Points like i was a pro, so controlled. it’s fun playing chess with a skilled player, if you catch my drift.

    and with BInnes up there giving spinning lessons for free, it was sort of an advanced tactics smorgasborg.

    Still, the race has to go on … so we did.

    you can count on Balfus to attack early and often, and throughout the middle parts, and then before the sprints wind up.

    so he did.

    DougHall went big gear bashing on most chases, but nobody got too much distance and breaks broke and reformed all night long. The first Points only had 10 or 11 riders starting, but i think all of us scored. fast. I worked on my sprints and did my best to not have anyone come around me laughingly.

    patton laughs at me. but i don’t mind.

    the second Points was carnage, the grinder. nole studley, madGranshaw, Hall, and Balfus were punching each other’s groins all the final laps.


    Granshaw kept haymaker’ing, Balfus doing all the counters and scoring a thousand points in the process.

    I kept out of the way, mostly, but when Coler rang a cookie prime i grabbed a madisling from BInnes and scooted away from the pack for the “win”.

    but, i guess Nolan relegated us for our antics … which i don’t mind, because it’s rare you actually get to “give somebody the BInnes” in a bike race.

    Madison rocks.



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