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    Coryn Rivera danced up the climb today at Kern’s double-stager.

    The morning stage saw circuits on the WoodyBasin or WilsonGap or something ‘er other loop somewhere in a bowl of dry, spikey, harsh foothills.  I had driven to the race last year, and remembered the cemetery where we parked that the lady freaked out about … but, as to where the race course was in relationship to the sprawl of Bakersfield … i hadn’t a clue.

    And, I never picked up a race bible or anything … so, had no directions and then …

    found myself lost, lost, lost.

    but, the road seemed really familiar and they said it was 30 miles, and i was kind of distracted and then …

    out of gas. the out your stomach is curled acidic in on itself with chugging on fumes  and  you’re embarrassed and frustrated and pleading with that the red gas station being somewhere over one of these rollers …

    –  –

    anyway, rough hiccups to the engines in the morning aside, the Kern racing was fine.  The kick sprint of the circuit race they do out there is a very good training ground to learn how to position yourself for a finish. Lots of interesting sprints and time bonus grabs for the morning stage.

    The afternoon hillclimb, on the other hand, was all suffering.  Straight up, hot, rocks and debris on the road.

    what a race.



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    4 Responses to while it lasts

    1. May 19, 2008 at

      yeah, the heat was brutal this year, especially on the hillclimb and on the final stage! But it was fun, as always! There were some amazing displays of fortitude, speed, guts, brains, comraderie, and did I say amazing speed? I think the thing about Kern is that everyone goes away feeling like they really accomplished something, whether you ended in 1st or with a Red Lantern. It is a special race. And Kudos to the Men who take time away from racing to not only support their women, but ALL the women there! THANK YOU!!!!

    2. chatterbox
      May 19, 2008 at

      thanks for all the support encouragement from you and all the other men-folk out there! I definitely needed it the 2nd time around that loop yesterday. And on the turnaround in the TT….

      sorry to hear about the getting lost and running out of gas on the way to the circuit. Molto bummer!

    3. May 19, 2008 at

      Now I know why you were so insistent on getting a copy of the ‘race bible’ on Saturday morning.

      Kudos to all the ladies who put it on the line. I saw lots of great racing, phenomenal efforts, acts of true class and sportsmanship, and a whole lot more over the weekend.

    4. May 19, 2008 at

      Man, I ran out of gas out there and had to limp back on fumes too. Maybe it’s some weird Bermuda Triangle of gas running outage.

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