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    charge the paddles

    migalicious.gifMy first cycling hero was Miguel Indurain.

    Actually, he had already retired before I even knew bike racing existed … but, when i started riding ~ somebody had a copy of the 1995 Tour de France and he entered my life.

    That Tour … I’ve no idea how many times it ran through the VCR.

    Ligget’s commentary was a nightly lullabye. Big Mig’s seated engine grinding everyone off his wheel, climb after climb. Pantani’s ears. Jalabert’s tactics. Zulle’s fragility. Armstrong’s perfectly timed attack on stage 18 and his emotional win.

    But it was Indurain who i loved ~ the quiet giant, the class, the legend … the stoic, beautiful champion.

    controlled, volcanic passion.

    he is why i cycle still today.



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    17 Responses to lunch ride nostalgia

    1. WhipperSnapper
      May 29, 2008 at

      Uncle Mikey, what’s a VCR???

    2. Michael Hernandez
      May 29, 2008 at

      get off my lawn, you damn kids!

    3. Anonymous
      May 29, 2008 at

      Beta baby….and vinyl…I need a nap, I’m old πŸ™

    4. Mr. Man
      May 29, 2008 at

      For years all I wanted was one of those white and blue Pinarellos.

    5. May 29, 2008 at

      8mm B&W, folks.

      You youngsters!

    6. Anonymous
      May 29, 2008 at

      Black and white TVs that took days to warm up…

    7. May 29, 2008 at

      Big Mig had class, still does. His work for Olano in the 1995 Worlds is a perfect example of how cool he was. Good choice for a role model.

      I didn’t realize you were such a late-comer to the sport. I thought you went WAAAAAY back (im going to date myself here) to the days of Jan Raas, Hennie Kuiper and Bernard Hinault.

      Dave Stoller was my first cycling hero.

    8. WhipperSnapper
      May 29, 2008 at

      for years eh? πŸ˜‰

    9. May 29, 2008 at

      I saw the final stage of the ’95 tour when I was 14. The peloton raced down the street of the house where I was staying with my pen pal and her family, and at the time I knew nothing about cycling. I didn’t even know of the Tour de France. The family kept shouting that the winner was wearing the yellow jersey as the peloton screamed past. I thought they must be mad to think they knew who won the race when clearly the race was still underway! I snapped some photos despite being utterly confused, so now I have snapshots of Big Mig in yellow on the final run into Paris. Funny old world.

    10. May 29, 2008 at

      LOVE this post!!!

    11. Anonymous
      May 29, 2008 at

      Spain’s Miguel Indurain, born on July 16, 1964. Wow, he’s not that old! Isn’t the other Pinarello guy, Chipo, about the same age?

    12. Otto Bus
      May 30, 2008 at

      Pedro Delgado certainly enjoyed having him as a dosmetique!

    13. another old racer dude
      May 30, 2008 at

      I heard the year he won the Giro he was using it as prep for the tour and never got his heart rate above 165. If that’s true, how sic is that? Hey newbies, look at the photo real close, back in the day the drive train was on the left. πŸ˜‰

    14. nitro
      June 2, 2008 at

      He was an awesome figure.

      That said, I’m liking the new Spaniard a bit more. It is incredible to see some one motor away from the field as big Mig did, not even looking like he was attacking as he pulled away from others, but I like the attacking style of the new little one. You just don’t expect that little frame to pack the power that he clearly has. But I especially like that he put that big mouthed, if not whiney, Cobra in his place.

      By the way, what is up with the Italians giving themselves these nicknames? The Killer, the Cobra? And then speaking of themselves in the 3rd person? “Di Luca does not give up. Di Luca will be back next year,” says Di Luca. Big Mig did not name himself that, nor did he speak of himself in the third person. He just let his legs and lungs do the talking.

      Long live big Mig and hail to the new Spanish splendor.

    15. washed up guy
      June 2, 2008 at

      Ahhhhhhh the true age of the EPO kings.

      It was a good show but lets not pull the wool that far over our eyes.


    16. Grey
      June 3, 2008 at

      By the time I was following the sport the press had dubbed Mig the boring, quiet guy. So when I got around to watching those tours, on vhs yes, I was expecting boredom city, and I was surprised to see him blow doors off of guys in a variety of ways. Yeah, he’s the strong silent type who doesn’t say much in an interview…in fact I’d say he gives answers about like Hincapie does, except it seems like he’s got a few more brain cells kicking around behind his Oakleys than big George, but I thought the guy was great. His circular bell ringing victory salute may have been his signature, but the one time he did really punch the sky was when Olano won world’s–that’s class. Me like Mig too.

    17. nitro
      June 3, 2008 at

      By the way, what is with the image. Did you really want him to be leaning into the text so bad that you mirrored the image? Or I forget, did they hang the derailleurs on the left side back then?

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