• VanderKitten Racing, Philly Week, and madness

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    why but paint a thousand words, when you can sprout of a few dozen in a flip of blackberried thumbs … i present ~ a few shots of dubious nature, accompanied by some sweet tunes.

    just click on the pics …

    – – –

    – – –
    they say women’s racing is a) hot b) tough …
    this shit is core to the core.


    VK riders prepare for the start at Philly.
    amazing race. can’t wait to go back.

    our VanderFeeders were all over the place to keep the riders prep’d and cool.
    so good.

    we did a media gig for TV and print.
    the VanderKittens were in full force and striking fancy.
    Freddie spoke.

    i tagged.

    yes, VanderKitten guerilla marketing is fun

    speaking of a guerilla and marketing …


    this is poor Freddie being a victim of VanderSandwich …
    yeah … i cry for him, too


    girlz got bidness

    i know what you’re thinking … but really, it’s not a dial-900 advert.

    more marketing … that and i wanted close up with this guy.

    this is me in the feedzone getting the attention of the VKs for feeding.
    i know, my ego barely fits in the shot.
    eh …

    anyway, back to marketing … this is how i recruit.
    temporary tattoo action handed out to the crowd.
    you have to really let people know you’re not a weirdo if you come up looking this …
    man, i can’t believe i wasn’t arrested. i guess it helped that it was PrideWeek. philly kicks ass.

    i mean, how often do you get to walk around downtown like this after midnight?
    philly fucking rules
    … and i’m glad nobody mugged/drugged/kidney’d me while i carted around ParkTool bags, trainers, and various items of fabulousness in the wee hours of partytown11thandArch.

    i have no idea what i’m doing here …

    let’s mope on to real cycling pics.
    Sabine went pro this weekend. eventually check her flickr site to see a set or two from the weekend. Amazing photographer, that woman.

    the horses prepare.


    feeding for VanderKitten was split into 3 sections, me at the very front for Sanborn. Hatch was Sanborn’s protector for the first half of the race, getting her musettes for Sanborn and any other duties required.
    SteveCraig … the man … sat 2nd wheel in the feedzone … roughly in the middle … and fed all others as they came in. He fed more than any other person out there, yo.
    Our sweeper at the end of the feedzone was SteveHatch, Lizzer’s dad and he got any emergency bottles out for those who might have been missed.
    Good system, and i was even able to toss some feeds to other teams as well.
    and yes, I DS’d the team from the feedzone. Even though VanderKitten was 7th car in the caravan, you still can’t see a ton from the vehicle. And, with conditions as hot and fast as they were … feeding become the highest priority for the team.
    i could get them in radio range for a good chunk of the field thanks to some high-powered electronics the team invested in.


    This is the field sprint for Philly.

    BrookeMiller … the fastest woman in the world.
    TIBCO’s leadout, accentuated by the amazing (and generous) AmberRais was amazing. Textbook. Professional.


    The rest of the field sprint from Sabine’s quick and ready camera. The crash did not decide this sprint, but it was indeed spectacular and affected the 10-20 places significantly.
    amazingly fast sprint … High Road is the best team in the world.
    but all of these women were f’ing amazing to watch.
    i’m serious ya’ll … women’s racing is where it’s at. beauty.


    well … we have to have a couple of sabine shots o’ random artness.


    i’m pretty sure this is the best picture ever taken in the universe.


    the Valletti
    tough, tough woman.


    JenTilley is in the PROMAN’wich …
    she said “sure” when asked if she’d guest ride for VK at Philly. Tilley has model’d a lot of VK wear and we got a ton of media hits with her out there. She road her heart out even though a bust shifter put her in the bigring up MANeeyuck.
    Tilley went up the Wall in the bigring, then chased back. that’s not easy, yo.

    that’s just so hot … even for a mountain biker.


    valletti … i got two words ~ “me” “ow”


    Tilley taking Boulder dirt skilz to the streets of Philly


    That’s TripleCrankset.com on the left, and VanderFeeder SteveCraig on the right.


    This is MarkZ … behind the curtains, eh.


    Technical Director for Philly, RZellner took the VK’s out for a course re-con.
    he’s the man.


    this is more guerilla marketing.
    that and me loving this guy.



    and lastly, this is bega.
    if you know bega, stevil … then i place you higher on the pedastol.
    just enough to hurt when fall off.
    – – –

    ~ hernando out for a bit of trabajo



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    1. Michael Hernandez
      June 10, 2008 at

      sweet jesus … sorry about all the typos. my edition of wordpress sucks at picture uploads and i only scratched out a few thoughts without edits.

      ah well, you get the point.

      more talky-talky soon.

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