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    philly.jpgI’m telling you, Philly is where it’s at.

    i don’t mind being a child of the wild west … there are a few perks to balance out the mayhem. And it’s not as though it’s the johnnycashsong by any means, but … this side of the rio grande…?

    I been every where, man.

    So, yes ~ the west is where the soul resides … but, when it comes to accentuating the positive and highlighting out of town adventures and madhat capers ~ it’s BenFranklin’s old stomping grounds gobbling attention these days. Philly and the moundling green lands of PennState that stretch around and about it ~ crazy town, USA.

    Pennsylvania right swims in contrasts both cultural and economic ~ the bearded horse carpenters and their amishly transparent eyes swirl around hot hotel streets that funnel speed towards logan’s circle and keep the beat in LovePark. It’s the conquered wilds of PennTucky where folks still enjoy a good fight with bites, it’s the mining sides of Pitt forever riding that pendulum between starved and bloated, it’s the urbane wickedity of the true-bornes, the Phillie prides, the phanatics.

    it’s PA.

    and, that’s what i’m talking about.

    pa_mediaprops.jpgSo, PA Lightning is the squad i’ll be working with for the U-25 Tour of Pennsylvania. The race is going to have teams from all over the world, bucketloads of media opportunities, and a bunch of america’s bright lights of the future getting a chance to stamp their stars on the charts.

    dig it.

    And hey! They’re having a program fundraiser at the MANAYUK BREWERY, baby!

    ah … hellyeah, if you’re in Philly on the 22nd, head over to the Manayuk and catch a brew with me. I’m buying if you’re willing to lissen to tales spun and hyperbole gargled.

    I’ll be there supporting the PA Lightning Team … and, hey-hey … while we’re at it ~ if you’re a WestCoastCat looking to toss a little love EastCoast way … maybe you’ve got a valued bit of cycling trinketry laying around the crib you might want to add over to their fundraising raffle.

    Maybe you’ve got something hip and now you’d be willing to donate to the cause? Maybe some quirky bit of ToC memorabilia you’d want to pay forward to helping some young coolios chase Grand Tour dreams of their own?

    kidsinthehall.jpgRight on, if you do.

    Or, if you find yourself straight-up interested in floating some resources direct to their growing program … check out the website, www.palightning.com.

    A solid group of folks looking to build bridges for young riders to use on their way to the big time.

    i love this kind of stuff.



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    3 Responses to west coast, east coast thang

    1. June 17, 2008 at

      after 30 years on the east coast — big cities and small — I’ve only got two words:



      the east coast is way too conservative for my blood. nice to visit, especially in the hots of summer, but living there was stifling in so many ways.

    2. ddt
      June 18, 2008 at

      Okay, summer humidity leaves westerners wishing for a swift, merciful death. But I’ll defend New England: it has pockets of great art communities, more cutting-edge than in the Bay Area. (Remember, CA and CO are largely conservative save for a few bubbles). New England also has a great bike racing tradition to boot. And it’s soooo cool to hop on your bike and ride to another state and back. Well, cool if you grew up in a place where the nearest state was a five-hour drive away.

      Enjoy all the historical crap, Michael. Red brick, green trees and fields, too.

      In unrelated news: the NY Book Review said David Sedaris was sort of the Dave Matthews of modern publishing. Why are they being so mean to David?

    3. nitro
      June 20, 2008 at

      Philly does have a lot of groove. That, or the many beers that were flowing through my veins during my three days beer goggled my perspective of the place. Mmm, beer.

      That said, the Philly cheesestake, while good, is a bit overrated.

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