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    when you’re injured, you run along in 2 day spurts. you know what you’ll likely feel within the coming 2 days, and you’ll have started to forget how awful it was 2 days ago.

    i’ve been injured. first time i met my safeway mate was when i had gone flying over some kid who tore most his knee open, aided by PatricktheBriggs in veloBob’s medi-van. my connective tissue from the spinal column to the ribs had seen some shredder and it took me days and days of living injured. you get used to it, i suppose. what a hassle.

    Anyway, there is much to look over for the laughing-ass-off inclined. One for the gaffaws, one for the road.

    1. FatCyclist – this is the cat we shouted out ‘hellyeah’ to at the track awhile back. so good. so, so good.

    2. cyclingnews’ dictionary of bicyclery.

    the shit.

    – – –

    Cal Giant’s mafioso had a car that needed returned. 48 hours from pitt to home. silly really, i could have easily taken that under 40 if i hadn’t had dinner with the PA Lightning racers and staff. It was Mike Doupey the coordinator and man about town. Reid Beloni, team mechanic, caravan driver, fixer. Dude was ice. Val Highsmith – message therapist. total pro. And riders Ben Showman, Mike Chauner, Eric Chrobet, Taylor Brown, Chris Ruhl, Jeff Selvitti. good team, they rode their asses off in one hell of a race.

    so, did the favor for guido and juiced the berrymobile westcoast.


    was mostly doing a lot of this.


    sometimes this shit happens.


    prolly after too much of this


    but things be seen…


    and not all places get mentioned on the interwebs


    but some interwebs are understanding and starting to get saavy.
    watch out folks, the internet is getting saavy.
    the value of it…

    but me? i just go for the good stuff.

    – – – –
    so yesterday lunch begged for a bike ride. the contortions of the car straight needed sweating out. and the trusty road bike, years of performance, aluminum handlebars that i’d used for years over continents, snapped in two in my hands while hopping traffic furniture.

    le ouch.

    that kind of impact calls down some expensive ninja skilz, if you know what i mean.
    and i spent them.

    with so much to discuss, and wonder about … i shove back to work.



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    10 Responses to 48 hours

    1. July 3, 2008 at

      bars down & you still up? them’s some bad skillz indeed.

      welcome home!

    2. Ron
      July 3, 2008 at

      Welcome back to the burn zone. We have been on fire, like flaming but not in a gay way.
      Sure could have use some of the East Coast rain.

      Two seasons max on aluminum bars, aluminum remembers fatigue.
      Hope your in one piece, you and the ground have not exactly had a great relationship this last year. Best to keep your distance.


    3. Sabine
      July 3, 2008 at

      oh shit…we’re breaking that aluminum rule all over the place

      lets ride easy today…no jumpy jumpy

    4. chatterbox
      July 3, 2008 at

      yikes. No like breaky breaky in the steering region. Muy mal. Good on you for avoiding catastrophe.

    5. Sabine
      July 3, 2008 at

      And what the hell is Holloway doing on the ground?

    6. MoBikeFun
      July 3, 2008 at

      Hey Michael,
      For comic relief, check out what Fatty (www.fatcyclist.com) wrote as a “bid” to announce the Tour. Hilarious!! Fatty and a friend Dug are color commentators from the 2003 Tour with official CyclingNews dialog as well. Here’s a snipit…

      CN: 16:39 CEST, 175.5 km/9 km to go – Vinokourov’s attack is good, catching and dropping Casero and closing in on Parra and Jaksche, who are now together.

      Vinokourov powers up to Parra and Jaksche and attacks immediately. Jaksche tries to hold him, and does.

      Fatty: Well, what do you know. Vino’s attacking. How unusual.

      Dug: I’m pretty sure he just gave Armstrong “The Look.”

      Fatty: I guarantee you that Armstrong is going to sue Vino for trademark infringement. Nobody gets to give people “The Look” but him.

      Fatty: I’ll bet you anything that Vinokourov’s a doper.

      Dug: Why are Armstrong and company chasing so hard? I mean, who is this Vino guy? Isn’t he from Kazakhstan?

      Hey. I just had a great idea for a movie about a guy from there. It’ll be a big comedy hit..

      Dug: Is Betinni officially a midget? he’s like 4 feet tall.

      Fatty: I think they prefer to be referred to as “Adorable People.”

      Dug: Is he riding on 20” wheels?

      Fatty: Hey, you know how you can tell when Vinokourov is going to attack?

      Dug: Tell me.

      Fatty: If it’s been at least 3 minutes since his last attack.

      Dug: I’m telling you, he should be checked for rabies. Seriously. I think he’s foaming at the mouth.

      Fatty: Beloki’s looking good. That guy’s a solid rider.

      Dug: Someone should tell those fans alongside the road that you’re not supposed to spray Pam all over it.

      CN: 16:48 CEST, 180.5 km/4 km to go – This is a very technical descent, and Vino has lost a couple of seconds to Armstrong’s group on it. But he’s still clear. One mistake will cost him the stage.

      Beloki loses it! Armstrong has to go down the grass embankment, taking a short cut. He amazingly gets back onto the group. Beloki is out though. He locked up his brakes just before a corner, and landed heavily on his hip.

      Dug: Woah!

      Dug: I mean: Woah!

      Dug: Did you SEE that girl on the side of the road? She was HOT!

      Fatty: Get up, Beloki. Shake it off. You’re fine. You think this race is going to win itself?

      Dug: Merckx would be back up already. In fact, Merckx would have taken Armstrong down with him, bitten him, then taken his bike and ridden off.

      Fatty: I’m just glad there’s a cyclist’s code, where everyone always stops to help an injured rider.

      Dug: Yeah, look for Vino to slow up any second.

      Fatty: I think Armstrong is just riding around in that field looking for first aid supplies.

      Dug: How on earth did Armstrong manage that little cross country jaunt? No normal human being could possibly have ridden down that field, jumped off the bike, climbed over that embankment, and gotten back on the road. It’s like he’s had special forces training.

      Fatty: I only hope they replay this moment on TV over and over for all eternity so that it gets burned into my psyche and I can never ever ever descend down a fast mountain road without having the image of Beloki go all ragdoll play through my brain.

      Dug: What’s weird is that Tyler Hamilton pulled three muscles just witnessing the crash. And maybe broke a collarbone.

      Fatty: Hamilton. Pfff. That guy’s totally a doper.

      Dug: I’m pretty sure I heard Beloki’s femur crack from way up here in the booth.

      Fatty: Merckx would have made a splint from one of his teammate’s top tubes and would be on the attack now.

      CN: 16:50 CEST, 181.5 km/3 km to go – Beloki has two teammates with him, but is still lying there. That was a hard crash.

      Vino has 3 km to go, and is certainly not going to wait for the rest.

      Fatty: I don’t think the crash was that hard.

      Dug: Yeah, Beloki is just milking it.

      Fatty: If Armstrong had fallen, the entire peloton would have come to a complete stop out of respect, then withdrawn twenty paces to await instructions.

    7. ddt
      July 3, 2008 at

      yeesh — you okay?

      that’s worse than when peterb broke his steerer tube doing intervals (threader steerer + threadless HS and stem = bad idea).

    8. Ippoc Amic
      July 3, 2008 at

      what attention to detail, I didn’t even notice it was holloway on the ground cus the arrow was in the way

      that bar breaking thing sounds scary…who do you think you are George Hincapie??? hope you are better and glad you didn’t get hurt too much…welcome home

    9. Guido
      July 3, 2008 at

      Check’s in the mail and there are berries in the cooler. Help yourself.

      Thanks a Ton Brutha!!!

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