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    LEVI to spread elfin’ glow …

    dont_lick_the_levi.jpgIt’s November 8th … so mark your calendars. Here’s the blurb from El Fritz, NorCal HS League Director ~

    Levi Leipheimer will be hosting the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League’s 2008 CycleFest Benefit Dinner!

    Join other League enthusiasts on Saturday, November 8th, for an eventful evening with Levi, the two time winner of the Tour of California.

    Tickets are available for purchase.


    Discount tickets are available now through August 15th.

    (crazy ass dogs may or may not be included)

    Once again, it’s time to mention the NorCal HS MTB League as being the coolest bit of cycling action come across since marla streb first tackled the skinsuit.

    If you happen to be free and frisky ~ give the League some of that time, expertise, or cash you’ve got squirreled away for the rains.

    ah hell … while you’re at it ~ remember there’s always a public broadcasting affiliate, or three a stones throw from your door that could use some of the good stuff.

    – – –

    Speaking of Good Stuff … OldTyme Championships of the Braggerverse

    chiiiinggooooowww … last weekend was bru-tal.

    Congratulations to all those cats who were able to slip through the mayhem and cross the line first at the hotly contested Districts Championships. I’ve always loved this weekend because it’s one of the rare times the coolios up in the Sierras don’t have to drive 5 hours to get to a bike race of epic proportions.

    But, it’s a fast and blasting weekend … tortured elevations and ragged breathing patterns.  So, here are some of the memories floating around the noggin at the moment ~

    • 45sprint.jpgThe Men’s 45+ crit was almost as exciting as the 50+.  A 3-up sprint for the line between my VOS-mate RichJuarez, DanSmith of MorganSpinely, and Cloven’s TedOneil.

      It was a brilliant sprint between the three after a very tentative gap to the pack closed up quite a bit on the final couple laps.  You can see that it was a straight up slugfest all the way to the line.


    • The 50+ winner in the crit was Webcor/AV’s Bob Parker … and you couldn’t find anyone out on that course that was dissatisfied with how he did it.  The field was stacked with heavy hitters and Bob put 110% into making the final break, and then stayed right where he needed to win the jersey.  Great race.
    • The Women’s crits were great as Aimee Baker of Protech overcame Taitt Sato of Value Act Capital for the 35+ win.  Soni Poulsen joined her hubby Jeff to both win the 40+ crits.  So, with Bob and his girl Ileana winning the jerseys in the crits as well … it was sort of like watching a weird form of “fantasy cycling newlyweds”, or something.

      Poor Sato … she was beat up on by about half of that women’s field on Sunday.  She did 3 tons of work to bring back all the attacks back, but in the end it was a field sprint and Baker surprised us all with a resounding last few pedal stomps to push her across the line in front of Sato.

      I guess that’s why we can’t email our results in.

    • The Road Races were ballistic.  Steve Reaney put together the best 6 laps of riding I’ve ever seen out there.  He was smooth and powerful and did the work necessary to secure a good break in the 35s, then stick it for the win.

      Great strength.

      His teammate Jesse the Moore tackled the 30+ division with style.  He galloped away from their final break that had a couple of good looking Lombardi’s and my other VOS-mate, JonEropkin.

      I wasn’t able to see a ton of the other results … but i do know that much hard riding was done out there by all.

      Thanks again Alta Alpina for a great weekend.

    – – – – –

    … sorry, light week on the posting.




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    1. Anonymous
      July 30, 2008 at

      No surprise on “The Baker” winning with her sprint for those of us who know her…..Oh…by the way…she won the RR the day before…..in a sprint…..sweet double …
      …Go “Master Baker”!……Jesus Chong

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