• blootsport

    by  • August 4, 2008 • too random • 3 Comments


    if ever decided that madmax beyond glamourdome roller-derby fist-padded devil dishing fights on bikes were to feed the E! of the masses … this is my ride to jump that madcoming train.

    to pedal, twist, knife out … for sport, for ribbons, for ascensions scratched at.

    it is a body electric, masked, scarred, sewn

    etching a visage, a history

    of maniacal pain and extravagance.




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    3 Responses to blootsport

    1. sabine
      August 4, 2008 at

      I’m still wonderin about that GT triple t?

      lovely wordings…whats the red x?

    2. Michael Hernandez
      August 4, 2008 at

      more importantly, why aren’t all bikes double chainringed?

      then we’d all be forced to wear riding britch’s.

    3. August 4, 2008 at

      Wow. A shiny fashion accessory. Huzzah.

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