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    4 Responses to hormonalswings

    1. nitro
      August 5, 2008 at

      I guess it is time to start watching broadcast news.

      Nah, the Daily Show has it covered.

    2. bethwellie
      August 5, 2008 at

      you just like her accent. I’m not gonna lie…it is a little hot.
      and donna woods does freakin’ rock.

    3. August 5, 2008 at

      Michael,have you been taking Sabine’s Norco? It does impare your thinking you know.How in the heck did I get in there with these hot,passionate and very bright activists?You know these women (me included) would keep you from pushing Sabine off the pedestal.Besides,I bet Sabine can talk about what’s really going on in Afganistan with a breathy quasi accent.

    4. LillyBella
      August 6, 2008 at

      Well then, I must share my blog on the side boy with my girl, Sabine


      Read his article “To Split like A Seed”


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