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    funkalics.jpgMost know that i’ve let stray the large chunk of politico rants on this latest website carnation.

    When you open norcalcyclingnews … it usually centers around some goofnut, bikelusting, choco-laden hack of a journOessaypoetacyclist syphoning a few pics and jokes from those internet tubes.

    yup, not much politics or socio-economic ethics or religio-scours on the new site …

    – – –

    but the next chapter is black

    Barrack Obama’s energy policy framework ~ I continue to read and gather information about Obama and the planning of his administration. His website and networks of information sharing are … available for scrutiny.


    obama-bin-laden-demotivational-poster-37485.jpgI ask myself … and affirm ~ yes, i agree with the direction he points the ship.

    I am a person who bears teeth in protection of an individual’s right. It is a position of bias so deeply ingrained in me that no opinion formed, or action undertaken would pull me away from that core, rooted position. And i go to the mattresses.

    And i believe in community. And I believe in compromise.

    Reality, as i perceive it, is filled with people who must be compromised with. Because not to do so ~ and still to fight desperate and mortal for the individual’s rights ~ is to set on a path of enforcing decision by force … a path that shakes, evermore unsteadily, towards fascism.

    compromise, and fight for it.
    – – –

    s-putthefunbicycle.gifbut enough of politics

    after all …

    isn’t bike riding about tan’d spandex lines, creme d’ chamois, and curvy sculpted calfcakes?

    some say so, some act so, and some couldn’t care less.

    jesuswood.jpgFor some,

    it’s pure love of bike, love of wind … the wild glee of missiling down a country hill’d road ~ bubbling gritty tears in the corners of eyes.

    Handlebars a milli-moment’s wobble from inattention, but back in hand ~ pointing down and onwards, skimming smoothly over pavement with the rushing sounds of breeze caressing ears, and the humm of tyres singing loud where you are, where you go.



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    4 Responses to it’s then i realized …

    1. August 5, 2008 at

      i think i need a tissue after reading that one.

    2. nitro
      August 5, 2008 at

      Obama’s energy conundrum: Release the reserves and drop the prices -> increased use.
      Let it stay high, which makes investing in alt sources economically viable for the private sector. And yeah, keep the gov’t on making it viable as well, breaking up energy monopolies so that we have real competition in energy markets. Jimmy C got it on the right track last big oil crunch. Go figure, libby approach to energy actually led to, for a short term, market efficiencies.

      Hernando’s conundrum: Fighting for indy freedom while getting warm and fuzzy with community. Oh no, I know that the true utility maximizer looks to community to meet one’s needs, but you’ve got to give to get. And, you’ve got to know when your “rights” trample others.

      But wait, I’m done teaching that crap. I’ve got to get back to fixing Medicare. And hopefully, if I get done writing what I get paid for instead of on someone’s blog, I can get out this to feel the wind and whirl of the wheels while doing laps in the crux of the bay.

    3. F Lee
      August 5, 2008 at

      Since it doesn’t appear you have a job (following some kids around Pennsylvania doesn’t count), I’m not surprised that you would want to vote for a communist.

    4. nitro
      August 5, 2008 at

      Yeah, if you turn your head sideways and squint, the blog logo in the upper left hand corner almost looks like a hammer and sickle.

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