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    the What’up after a few TestWhaps

    williamsyness.jpgWilliams Cycling had their chingon 38s tested by that cyclingnews.com cat, JamesHuang (sounds like the ultimate Webcor rider … tedhuang+jamesmattis = JamesHuang!).


    GAWDAMMIT … i want a set of these wheels.

    But, i only roll tubies on the velodrome and Williams already has me testing out their clincher line, so …

    – – –

    dominguez_cuba__supplements.jpgstill ~ at a few sniffs over 1200g for the wheelset AND under that number in american-dollare$ … that’s one helluva bang4buck transaction.

    I know that a lot of pro/elite riders that thank Keith Williams for hooking them up with these 38/58 sets of his to race on.

    Trust me, if DannyHolloheed’s thunderclap thighs aren’t snapping these wheels … yours won’t either.


    utter reliance

    I’ve shared my thoughts before, about the importance of wheel choice. My points of negotiation when choosing any wheelset center around bike handling … full stop.

    Now don’t get me wrong … i loves me some aerodynamical weightweenification ~ i mean, that shyte sho’nuff do help when you’re banging balls off-the-front with a few CalGiantDingleBerries or a Jacques-Maynard, or two.


    willywheels.jpgBUT ~ the vast majority of my racing rides (as well as pedals in pleasure) flirt firmly in and huck they way through … the darklands of sweet jumpery and pucker punching corner bombs. .

    It’s this obsession with the hop, an unhealthy preference for gliding blind, a need to carve like the knife through dirt and tarmac …

    it gets me in trouble.


    and, the wheelset must be game to bail my ass out.

    Williams does it.




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    7 Responses to Williams Wheels… local love

    1. Marc
      August 7, 2008 at

      Im going with the if they are not free,
      you are not fast enough to need them ethos.

      and the fun counter-economics of the nycbikesnob


    2. August 7, 2008 at

      I will have to say the 58’s that I received from Keith are a pretty amazing wheel. I pulled a win at cascade on them the first ride out and never questioned them at all from the minute I put them on. He has the right mind set as a wheel builder and the dollar amount compared to other vendors….well its not comparable. He builds for bicycle racers and supports racing from the ground up by offering the pit service for a huge amount of the nor cal crits now. I am with mike with the love for Williams.

    3. sabine
      August 7, 2008 at


    4. Marc
      August 7, 2008 at

      I like Williams too. They do support racing with
      their neutral pit wheels; that is a huge and
      meaningful investment to local racing.
      Just a fun counterpoint.

    5. August 7, 2008 at

      I do like the bikesnobnyc post though. My gearhead brain is to feeble to fight the urge to upgrade …oh the sparkle and the carbony stuff……..damn it off to the bike shop.

    6. MK
      August 7, 2008 at

      And for the dirt crowd…two words: Dave Thomas.

      Keith Bontrager may have coined the phrase: “Cheap/Lite/Strong…Pick Two”….but Dave’s customer-direct builds go a long way in tossing that out the window, and he’s faaaast! Mailed the check April 1….wheels under the bike April 10th. Amazing.
      Strong? If Erik (the masher) Ebberoth can’t knock them out of true on his SS…nuf sed.


    7. Ron
      August 7, 2008 at

      38s. End of discussion.

      Dave Thomas? Wendy’s Dad?

      Where’s the beef?

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