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    socal_lovins.gifHey folks – got word from the Kahala La Grange team that there’s something wicked being cooked up this weekend down in the SoCal. It’s a 2.3 mile loop that’s mostly a speedfest … but has options for us attacking sum’beetches.

    Check it, though ~ in true SoCal Celeb fashion … for the Women’s winner? There’s a pair of Manlolo Blahnik women’s designer shoes from Footcandy that retails for about a grand (huh? shoes for a t’ousand? hell, why not?)

    And … that’s on top of the $1500 prize list.

    yeah baby.

    And one of the reasons i’d say checking out this race as a bossfest worth examining … has to do with a bit of CRAP that happened down in the southern half with a gawdamn car driver and some cyclists. Check the story for more details ~

    “This Brentwood Grand Prix will be one of the largest races ever held in L.A. for pros and amateurs,” said Jay Slater, a La Grange member.

    Organizers took a number of steps — hanging an 18-foot banner at a Whole Foods, putting up posters, distributing fliers and talking to homeowners, coffee shops, restaurants and merchants — to ensure that the neighborhood would be aware of the event. They said they were conscious of the fact that the cycling community has faced greater than usual scrutiny since two cyclists were injured in a crash with a car on Mandeville Canyon Road in Brentwood.

    Prosecutors said Christopher Thompson, a doctor and a Mandeville resident, had argued with the cyclists before slamming on his brakes in front of them. Thompson last week pleaded not guilty to reckless driving and battery charges involving the July 4 crash.

    In recent months, high gas prices and the desire to be more environmentally conscious have induced many drivers to switch to two wheels. “Road rage” incidents between motorists and cyclists appear to be on the rise.

    “We know we’re going to be under the microscope, what with the Mandeville incident and more people on bicycles in general,” said Marco Fantone, a La Grange spokesman.

    – – –
    We gotta fix this stuff, folks.

    and we’re all connected, yo.

    advocacy and setting the right examples … that shit rocks.crushing_your_head.jpg


    Good luck, Kahala!

    Wish i could be there (to crush ya’ll 😉 )


    raincheck, eh?



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    2 Responses to SoCal Kermesse’n

    1. jamiel
      August 12, 2008 at

      We are all connected, eh family?

      I will go down South and crush them for you, Mike! As a fellow MVtracki you can enjoy some of this crushing vicariously through me. However as a member of Kahala I can’t help but wonder if I will be somehow crushing a piece of myself in the process? This question has me very tired…. must stop think…ing… must stay strong…I will turn this confusion into competitive fire with which to burn my competition…but won’t I too get burned? Damn you Hernadez!… no wait, thank you! …..I have realized that my enemy and I are one. That there is no Northern-California or Southern-California, there is the only the united state of California! We all have friends in Nor-Cal with implants, and there are folks in Sherman Oaks that rock sandals with socks…

      We live in “One” California. We are not divided into Nortenos and Surenos, Isn’t it time we put down our makeshift prison shanks? We are all Californians, from the OC to Berkeley, from Laguna Nigel to Half Moon Bay… We are “One” people, united in a common destiny, all fearing the same awesome power of earthquakes, all dreaming of a high speed train along I-5, ok that’s enough…

      Good eye on noticing Brentwood, Our team director sent out a mass email to the whole Kahala team with a link to your blog…

      Cheers- Jamiel

    2. Michael Hernandez
      August 12, 2008 at

      Jamiel … you’re crackin my ass up, man.

      see you ’round, bud.

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