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    speaking of being proud ….

    clairewins.jpg Hellyer Junior Rider Claire Jensen has become a US National Champion on the track.
    way to go, you hammer.
    Claire would take control of the Scratch Race with 2 laps to go and then razor the field to the line for a win the hard way. Word is Claire sported the pro-look by going TeamTesstarossa arm-warmers with her USChamp jersey podium.
    hell yeah.
    Not to mention … the Dylinger

    This is one of my favorite riders at Hellyer ~ he’s all heart and brimstone … one of those young wilds that can fire off the legs like ammunition was unlimited.
    Cyclingnews has him listed as the winner of the Scratch event at Natz … but, i found this awesome pic of what is looking like the sprint finish between Dylan and some monster-truck twelve-yeardylinger.jpg old.
    hopefully word will swing up this way on the narrative of how that shook down.
    beautiful stuff.

    this is why i wish the Olympics well and long-life.
    … and freedom from corporate greed.

    hey-hey, and congrats to Larsen and Finneran for their big pursuit rides, taking it 1,3.
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    4 Responses to my kind of nationalism…

    1. Jen + Dash
      August 18, 2008 at

      WooHoo Dylan! Hands down the coolest kid at the track!
      What’s the scoop with finish?

    2. August 18, 2008 at

      marvin was smoove like buttah, son. smoooove.

    3. Bryan Larsen
      August 19, 2008 at

      So. This must be a pic from one of the heats. BC Dylan DID win. He took a flyer with 1 lap to go and left everyone of those guys gasping for air. He really did make it look easy. WHAT A STUD!!! AN Awesome rider to watch in years to come as he burns up the boards down south at ADT.

      awesome job dylan! you rock!!!!

    4. donna
      August 21, 2008 at

      Claire,Dylan and Bryan are 3 of the reasons I support the track.

      The picture of Claire says it all.The other girls were tucked in tight right behind each other.Claire’s wheel was THE wheel.She is a champion in every aspect.

      I can’t tell you how fun it was racing out there with Dylan this summer.Nobody could match his leg speed and he always made it a point to tell us what a good time he had with us.Yea Dylan,it’s always fun to tromp on grown ups isn’t it.

      I have known Bryan since he was knee high to a grasshopper and to see him all grown up in stars and sripes
      gives me goose bumps.I’ll never forget his first day at Hellyer several years ago.He was just a blur.Harvey could see a gold medal pursuiter and the two worked very hard for the next few years.Stuff dreams are made of.

      Right on junior Hellyerites!

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