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    yes, yes … this site is one long-winded slackfest.

    ah well, we get what we pay for.

    – – –

    Friday Night Mayhem

    theclaire.jpgCheck out pictures! from Kurt Harvey and from Garret Lau.

    thanks guys!!!

    My VOS-mate, SeantheBell, also took some trick shots that i’ll splice in a bit later. But for now? Let’s just yap a bit about how the racing went on Friday.

    If you’d like to watch the last few races, Casey stored them for viewing on his stickam website. Thanks Casey!

    We filled in a lot of racing last Friday ~ showing off some fine juniors with a scratch race, miss-n-out, and handicap’d pursuit. Newly crowned US Champ Claire Jensen was all over the boards, busting out the stars n’ bars jersey and honoring it, big time!


    board_womens.jpgWe had a great Women’s Scratch Race that was won by Julie Nevitt with a final lap-long sprint that few in the stands thought would be held! So far out! but she made it. wow.

    Nevitt had a decent crash a couple months back and we didn’t know if she’d be back in time for Masters’ Natz … but, this Friday’s efforts show clearly that the SanJose rider will be, yet another, NorCal standout ready to show some sass at the big show.


    junkadonker.jpgOn the Men’s side ~ ’08 NorCal Criterium champ, JesseAndyMendonca, showed up and let the faucet run full-open on his streaming, screaming attacking style.

    And joining him? We had an amazing turnout for our p1/2/3 events … likely another indicator that both elite and masters Natz are around the corner [folks ~ it’s almost bloody September … crazyness!!!].

    HealthNet’s Roman Kilun was there with his fabulous better half, VAC’s Martina Patella, and would bust open a few barrels of fitness to easily take the opening Scratch Race. But after that, each of the Elite events would see madness and mayhem, with what seemed like half the field throwing out attacks at one point or another during the night.

    it was awesome!


    hooptier.jpgDuring the 50-lap points race, MontanoVeloTrack’s Rob Evans put in the most dangerous dig of the night to try and gain a lap on the field. With Hellyer’s 333m (or more) length track … a lap on a charging field of 30 riders is … usually left for the likes of BJM. But, Evans times his attack perfectly after an early sprint that had the pack strung out and gasping … big time.

    Evans hit out hungry and with total commitment for his attempt to gain the lap – but, like clockwork, the field re-grouped and responded with prejudice. The most critical moment came at the beginning of Rob’s 2nd lap off the attack ~ he was but a scant few meters from the back of the field … clawing, scraping, dying a thousand of deaths to eek his way across those final few, agonizing meters.


    And then … BigBadTanaka took over at the front.

    The Clif Rider turned on the style and scorched 500meters at the front of the race, stringing out the pack behind him and slamming the lid on the coffin of Evan’s lap attempt.


    Noteworthy, as well, was young Andrew Lanier’s debut in the big leagues. Most in SJ will know the Laniers … as they are an integral part of the success and progress of the Hellyer Juniors and overall Hellyer facility and program improvements.

    thelanier.jpgBut, i reckon few had seen Andrew throw out such horsepower before. There was a moment in the Points Race when the teen-idol closed a monstrous gap with the likes of ProRomanKilun and LegendLarryNolan on his wheel … barely.

    it was incredible.

    And then there were the Sprints …

    sprintsters.jpgWe were lucky enough to get to see the Akuna in the sprints last Friday. What a night to see some class racing. Akuna would take on 2-time US Elite Scratch Champ, Dave McCook in the semi’s … and what an epic battle that would turn into.

    The two men swooped and carved, shut doors and opened the throttle red … they rocked that sprint and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

    And then, in the finals … it would be Akuna v the maestro, GiovanniRey.

    What a race.


    finals.jpgGio would surprise all by launching immediately with a vicious attack out of the blocks. Akuna had been showing a gear more than most in his sprints, and it looked as though Gio would put Akuna’s fitness to the test instead of his top-end in this Sprint Final.

    100meters from the line, and Gio’s gap was already 5 bike lengths. The crowd was almost as surprised at the move as Akuna, and seats were left as folks stretched to see every pedalstroke of the battle beginning.

    Akuna stayed composed and initiated his chase on the Maestro ~ the surprise was significant, but not unconquerable and he began to close the gap on Gio as the bell rang for the final lap.

    Thru turn 1, and the crowd is going nutz to push both riders on. There are no crowd favorites here … and each riders’ effort is roared at in applause and hopes for more speed, more suffering.

    On the back straight … it’s Akuna finally finding Rey’s wheel and after a moments draft to gather the storm, he launches his final move and overtakes for the win.


    – – –

    rachbootrain.jpgOTHER NEWS!

    How about that Rachel Lloyd … won another title ~ this time it’s SingleSpeed Worlds that were held in Napa over the weekend. Lloyd sports her ChampInk well … but man, that’s a plasticky looking butt, if i ever saw one.


    hutch-and-meg.jpgand big shout out to another PROMAN rider, Tracy Ford as she celebrated some birthday hoopla at the track on Friday.

    we see that her vineman Hutch (and daddy to be!!!) saved just enough energy to cut her some choco-cake and act all googlyicious with mistressMeg.

    … those PROMAN chicks … all work and no play.


    seanbell__winssanardo08.jpgSeanBell wins SanArdo! Gotta toss out a ‘hayle-yeah’ to my VOS-mate for his first big road race win! AND, he was there all Friday Night working the track with me before his Saturday early-AM race … thanks Sean!!!

    – – –

    more later … hopefully.

    [and no comment about choice of Biden as VP. i’m just letting you all know … Canada is where this homeboy goes if a certain johnnymac squaredances himself into the oval office. they have interwebs there, yeah?]



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    15 Responses to the post to reaffirm my blog-addiction

    1. Brian Peterson
      August 25, 2008 at

      Evans backed up his Friday night aggression with an impressive ride in the 30k LA Velodrome Championship on Saturday. He took 2nd place letting loose with all kinds of skills, razoring the pack for sprints, taking laps, etc. If only he had showed a *little* patience with 2 laps to go for the final sprint… still it was a great ride.

    2. Michael Hernandez
      August 25, 2008 at

      that’s so badass. thanks brian.

    3. bethwellie
      August 25, 2008 at

      Congrats to Sean!! Now I don’t feel so bad that he drops me in the first 10 feet of every hill around here. Couldn’t happen to a nicer kid. Way cool.

    4. Hooptie
      August 25, 2008 at

      Thx Brian and Hernando! The scene @ ADT pales in comparison to Hellyer. $70 for two races…no beer, food, music or heckling included in that fee. At Hellyer you get all that, and an ass kicking for just $20.

      Congrats Lloyd! Who won the mens race?

    5. August 25, 2008 at

      word, hooptie.

      all that and the old men are waaaaaaaaaaaaay nicer up north.

    6. hAndy
      August 25, 2008 at


      Are you calling me and Rob old?

      Nicer just ended……

      and for Rob “we taught him everything he knows” even though he sandbags locally so he can show off out of town….

    7. Marc
      August 25, 2008 at

      Gotta remember the racing scene at hellyer this year
      is because Michael Hernandez and all the great volunteers
      made it happen. Otherhoo–it would be not so good.

      Nice that someone care about something other than the
      antiaginggroup.com track nationals;)

    8. allison
      August 25, 2008 at

      Re:sswc – Carl Decker… in his black speedo, mask, cape and hockey helmet. Wicks was also looking fine in a coordinating gold outfit.

    9. Michael Hernandez
      August 25, 2008 at

      pictures of sswc … bring them to me.

      oh … so … sweet.

    10. Steve Anderson
      August 25, 2008 at

      It was great racin’ with Sean at SA. Three of us (Geezers)from Velo Club Monterey adopted him before the race and did our best to work for him. Sean got on my wheel before the bridge and I was able to drag him to the front by the time we got to the base of the hill before the finish. Everything after that was a blur.

    11. Michael Hernandez
      August 25, 2008 at

      very cool.

    12. Hooptie
      August 25, 2008 at
    13. August 25, 2008 at

      LynzH has some photos of SSWC. Here’s the guy in the black cape:

      BTW, your newer post from today doesn’t have a title. The side bar calls it 731.

    14. Michael Hernandez
      August 26, 2008 at

      thanks hoop and glau.


    15. Andrew Nevitt
      August 27, 2008 at


      Thanks for the kind words for my wifie. She is my hero for sure. All she does is work full-time, raise three kids, and put up with me… That is one TALL order. The kind words go a long way and help her confidence. I appreciate those words too because with some confidence she will only get better and tap into her potential… LIMITLESS potential! Man I wish I had her sprint! Larry was just laughing after the race, stunned I think. She got some help from the Bella and the LGBRC ladies who were there to give Proman a fight so I want them to get there due as Julie was thankful for their efforts too.

      I like to say I have been racing out at Hellyer since Don Langley had hair… That was 1986 folks and this is the first time we have had the ladies showing up like they are this year. I am loving it too and I hope it grows. With girls like Claire Sprock, Christina Yglesias, Claire Jenson it looks like it will flourish.
      I have two daughters that I hope will do it someday too.

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