• kitchen re-radness

    by  • August 26, 2008 • too random • 15 Comments


    sabine’s got crazymadskilz when it comes to plotting out cabinet-cornering and slide-ruling her way to keep us in the black (mostly) on this beauty project.


    thanks to jeff clark (jefco@cruzio.com) for the awesome local craftsmanship.

    well … so far he’s aces at destroying stuff.  but i have seen him build a cyclocross course, or three … thanks again, Jeff.




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    15 Responses to kitchen re-radness

    1. sabine
      August 27, 2008 at

      I’m sort of sad to see the pantry go. Its held so many wines for us.

    2. August 27, 2008 at

      I cannot wait to come up and do some cookin before a cccx in the new kitch

    3. Michael Hernandez
      August 27, 2008 at

      it’s on, brudda.

    4. sabine
      August 27, 2008 at


    5. August 27, 2008 at

      If it is done by then 🙂

    6. sabine
      August 27, 2008 at

      We’re not going full GileStyle , so it should be!

    7. sabine
      August 27, 2008 at

      I like how there is a bike trainer in one of the before pics

    8. russellp
      August 27, 2008 at

      Careful, lest the entire Surf City crew descend on your kitchen and wrap it in yellow caution tape.

    9. Otto Bus
      August 27, 2008 at

      So who plays the single cut away (nylon strings?) acoustic

    10. Jen + Dash
      August 27, 2008 at

      gas stove? The choc. chip cookies are soooo much better in a gas stove. Good luck with the kitchen.

    11. Hooptie
      August 27, 2008 at

      Is he building a shower in your kitchen?

    12. sabine
      August 27, 2008 at

      no gas…too much fuss to install the needed gas line. I’m just not enough of a cook to justify it. But I did get a Siemens convection oven that should be lovely for baking blackberry pies (of which Marscat doesnt get any)

    13. Jen + Dash
      August 27, 2008 at

      convection works well too! I’ll send some dough home with you some night 🙂

    14. August 27, 2008 at

      hard to make a pie with seven berries

    15. sabine
      August 27, 2008 at



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