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    Big ShoutOut to JonE

    jonnye_bysiriusguy.jpgJon Eropkin is the cat who’s been behind a lot of the spring races we all have come to love and flock to in the Central Valley.  Jon and his wife, Jamie, are vital volunteers in the Fresno cycling world and work many, many hours to bring us high quality, high fun events every spring.

    Jon is also a big talent in the p1/2 races.  He’s been racing up and down the state grabbing placings and improving his abilities.  Unfortunately, at the Dunnigan road race on Sunday, big JonE had a front wheel go to smithereens after it took a big hit from one of the potholes out on course.

    The wheel failure was one of those freak moments of physics where just the right amount of pressure was applied to just the wrong angle against the rim.  And it just … disappeared.

    JonE went straight into the pavement and straight out of conscious-ville.  A couple minutes later and after some scary spasms … JonE was awake and ready to assess the damage.


    300 stitches to the lips and chin were tossed together … le’ ouch.  But that was the nasty stuff on the outside – on the inside, there were a couple fractures to neck vertebrae and a good bit of throat impact damage.


    get_22.jpgBut, after a couple of nights of ICU observation and wife-aid from Jamie … it looks like our man is gonna be set free from the healthcare chains and sent packing back home for a long bout of rehab.


    So, if you have a free moment and want to pep up one of the true-blues of cycling in our region … shoot a note over to JonE, jonathan.eropkin @ gmail.com (no spaces in actual email address).

    He’s one of the best.

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    7 Responses to Send the Love!

    1. Markus Purnelious
      September 3, 2008 at

      There wouldn’t be any cycling events in Central Valley without Jon and his beautiful bride! CVC, Sequoia, Valley Girls Benefit Ride…. HUGE people in the valley cycling scene they are.

      Our prayers and thoughts are with them….

    2. September 3, 2008 at

      Agreed. Jon is a talent and a top-shelf person. So sorry that this happened to him. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    3. Sabine
      September 3, 2008 at

      so sorry to see this happen to Jon.

      I wish him all the best on his recovery.

    4. September 3, 2008 at

      so sorry to hear this. Best wishes to Jon and Jamie as they work through recovery.

    5. Andrew Nevitt
      September 3, 2008 at

      That is sobering… I hope JonE has a lightspeed recovery and it never happens to anyone ever again.

    6. Jdubbers
      September 4, 2008 at

      I hope Jon has a speedy recovery. It’s not the way to end the season, but on the brightside of things, he has the whole “non-competitive” season to recover.

      Jeff Williams
      Webcor/ Alto Velo

    7. September 4, 2008 at

      Was sorry to see him on the ground as our field came by. Hope you’re feeling better Jonathan.

      Was it related to the ‘hole that could eat a cow’ that was nearby?

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