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    No Mas Aaron’s?

    aarons_cyclista.jpgApparently not … i’m receiving scuttlebuttlery that the women in red won’t be dancing next year.


    i just can’t believe that action.

    I mean, there was NO more exciting team to watch and yell for on the US Pro Circuit than the femmes d’ Aaron’s.

    they were never intimidated by the big eurodawgs, never unwilling to face the pain, always ready to scratch for the V.


    Carmen D’alusio put together and directed one helluva squad … and they will be missed.

    but gaaaawdamn … that’s one MONSTER TIBCO team they’re shoveling coal on.

    silver-linings, n’ all.

    – – –

    So … to drown out the sorrows … i will gaze longingly at this hipbit of photography by my other favorite Aaron … the salsa diva.

    that’s his girl, NatashaPerry … winner of the Coyote Creek Circuit WatsonVile Criterium this year and all-around wonder woman.



    PS ... check the Women's NRC standings, current:
    Women's Team Standings
    1 Cheerwine Professional Cycling Team
    2 Aaron's Cycling Team
    ... damn shame, i tell you.  Damn shame.



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    3 Responses to i’m the last to know …

    1. bethwellie
      September 4, 2008 at

      Oh my goodness…that photo of Tash is AMAZING! I need me some big ol’ mountains.

    2. Aaron
      September 4, 2008 at

      Hey Wellie,
      With photoshop, anything is possible.

      Michael–although I would love to claim that Tash won Coyote Creek, in fact, she won Watsonville.

      See y’all soon enough.


    3. Michael Hernandez
      September 4, 2008 at


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