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    So much time and so little to do.
    Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. 

    – – –.

    National Championships d’ TrackGeezers

    lorraine-fashionable-natz.jpgAs many know, I am a HUGE advocate for masters level racing.  Why?  Because if these people are out getting exercise and concentrating on the fight of the bike …

    well, they are healthier and … since they’re so damn focused on nabbing that wheel in the sprint before their competitor that … well, they just might not be all that interested in making real war.

    Yaaay for active lifestyles and peaceful warriors!


    Unfortunately, I’m going to be MIA for this year’s Natz … even though it’s at my home track and i’ve been doing nothing but drink, breath, and have naughty thoughts about the event for the past year.

    buggah x 1000


    But, reports are trickling in that our home crowd heroes are kicking up the good stuff.

    Hootch nabbed a bronze in the points race last night.

    Meatcalf and F-Truck won a bunch of titles for the SpecialKids.

    DonnaTheWoods nailed an amazing silver medal in the 500m … even after being all decked and tarmac’d but a short few weeks ago!!!  What a stud.

    DeVigus crushed the pursuit with his teammie Miller for gold/bronze Berry Action.

    and PROMAN’s Jarvis went ballistic in her TT and grabbed a gold … with Nikki going huge with a PR and silver, as well.

    .Right on ~ and please toss out some updates if you have any.

    – – – – –


    Cheerwine goes flat for a year …

    cheerwine.jpgCyclingnews reports that owner Anne Bolyea announced she’ll be taking next season off from running the Cheerwine professional cycling team.  She’s quoted as saying it’s time for a rest year … and lawdy knows how much running a cycling team wears a body down …

    and i say ~ good on ‘ya, sistah!

    Cheerwine has been one of my favorite squads in the US these past few years.  The team is chock-full of attacking banshees and nose-grinding hardchicks … and dammit all if these women don’t rock every race they show at.

    I’ll be very, very interested to see where these riders land next year.

    – – – – –


    VanderClinic of HotBikeAction

    vanderclinic.jpghello … it’s FREE???  hayle-yeah.

    If you’re in the SF area on Sept 13th and would like to work on some madskilz on the bike … i’m telling you, head on over to Chrissy Field and peg your fun-meter to 11.


    Bike maintenance, bike handling, pack skilz and more … these are the tricks of the trade the Vanderkitten racers and staff will be talking about. VK is also tossing a bunch of product prizes to participants on the day … which just rocks, eh.


    And there’s DeLaPaz Coffee!!!!


    So head on over there and hang with some down-home cool folks.  And what the hell … you might grab onto some new sassy skilz and be able to wow the hawtdawgs in your hood.

    – – – – –


    NorCal High School MTB League … FUNDRAISER, yo!

    w_chilenocyclinglogo.gifChileno Valley Cycling Classic … a fully supported, super-schwagalicious bike ride through the heavenly rollers of Sonoma.

    awww yeah … a delicious bit of pedaling through wine country in early fall.

    Nothing better.

    Check it out, folks … the ride is so well supported that they have to limit the participants at 100.  So, be sure to check on it today!

    Fundraising minimum includes…

    • Specialized opticsschwag_tee_sml.jpg
    • A crank Brothers pump
    • A commemorative event t-shirt
    • Clif product and other treats at the amply stocked aid stations
    • Road support throughout the course
    • Post-ride massage
    • A ticket to the Chileno Valley Feast
    • A tune up or bike fit at The Pedaler

    Post-Ride Party features . . .

    • Music by the Bluebellies, a local stand out band
    • Gourmet dining in a garden setting
    • Beverages from Marin Brewing Co.
    • Straus Creamery Organic Ice-Cream
    • Awards for the top fundraisers – includes:
      1. Specialized bike
      2. Swobo bike
      3. Giro helmets
      4. Gift certificates to top notch restaurants and shops
      5. More to come . . .


    – – – – –


    Whole Athlete-dness

    wa_facade_main.JPGLast weekend I was able to get a chat in with the founder of Whole Athlete, Dario Fredrick.  I’ve been a fan of Whole Athlete’s coaching system for years – but, BigD was telling me about their new Development Team … and i just about started to cry with joy.

    Whole Athlete is the kind of grass-roots organization that offer tangible, concrete improvements to our sport.  We’re talking about preparing our fellow competitors to be better, safer, stronger cyclists.  We’re talking about forging good habits and principles in our youth.  We’re talking about spreading the joy of the bike.


    right on, BigD.

    – – – – –


    and finally … take a look at Ander Lucia

    anderlucia.jpgthis cat is maybe 15 years oldmaybe.  but going on a thousand in the soul, if you catch the drift.

    He’s just started writing music last year and if you’ve an ear and open it … you’ll get an idea of the beauty this boy will unleash as he moves through the world.

    soft, melodic, haunting … but his music pierces.
    it is only his youth that limits the depths of his explorations of self and society.


    can’t wait to see what develops.

    – – – – –



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    16 Responses to Updates d’ Randome

    1. September 4, 2008 at

      Need to get myself down to Hell-yeah this week to do some spectatin’ and cheerin’ as there is no way they will let me on the track.

      And with Cheerwine taking a breather and Aaron’s pulling out their sponsorship, looks like there is room for some new outfits to arise and give the ladies an opportunity to strut their stuff.

    2. Sufferin' P
      September 4, 2008 at

      To tie two parts of your post together, Whole Athlete team member Pete Billington got himself a Stars n’ Bars jersey in the kilo. Not bad considering it’s his first year on the track!

    3. Brian Peterson
      September 4, 2008 at

      Karen Brems CRUSHED the 2k, setting the fastest time of ALL women. I heard it was also a national record.

      Pete Billington won the 30-34 kilo.

      John Elgart won his 2k pursuit. How many titles does that guy have? Anyway, that was his first pursuit title. He was using the track time to help get ready for cross…

      Bobby Walthour crushed his kilo, as expected, and set the fastest kilo time of the event.

    4. September 4, 2008 at

      Donna Woods also won silver in the 2K pursuit. Pictures from the Wednesday afternoon session are here:

    5. Sabine
      September 4, 2008 at

      Donna’s commitment and bravery makes me feel like such a sissy chick.

      I’m going points watching tonight!

    6. September 4, 2008 at

      annabelle smoked the 500 with a 39.6 and 2nd place in her age group! saturday expect some slaughtering in her sprints! she is SOOO fast right now it is sick.

    7. clm
      September 4, 2008 at

      I can confirm that Karen Brems was FLYING. She went by me so fast it was crazy.

    8. rebecca
      September 4, 2008 at

      holy cow — Tibco signs Kat, M. Miller, and Julie B from Aaron’s!

    9. Michael Hernandez
      September 4, 2008 at

      no bloody way…

    10. rebecca
      September 4, 2008 at

      yep, check it (3/4 down the page): http://www.cyclingnews.com/news.php?id=news/2008/sep08/sep03news

      (assuming the ‘no bloody way’ was in reference to my post!)

    11. Michael Hernandez
      September 4, 2008 at

      yup, it was definitely in reference to your post.

      i’m just amazed. what a team TIBCO is putting together for next year.

      we need more like that!!!
      thanks rebecca.

    12. rebecca
      September 4, 2008 at

      my pleasure! Tibco’s a great team and org, classy women all around. but it is indeed sad that no sponsor would step up to replace Aaron’s.

    13. Lerxst
      September 4, 2008 at

      “…no sponsor would step up to replace Aaron’s.”

      Well, hold on and check it… from Cyclingnews;

      “The Aaron’s Corporate Furnishings team will be losing its sponsor for 2009, but team manager Micah Rice said the team would be back with a new sponsor. “The team next year will not be Aaron’s Corporate Furnishings but we will wait to unveil [the new sponsor] when all the papers are signed. It’s an incredible team and one of the best. We were first in the Prestige Series and we have sponsors that want to be apart of that!”

      We just might see (almost) the same killer team with some fresh new duds. Rad.

    14. Michael Hernandez
      September 4, 2008 at

      well … all right then.

    15. rebecca
      September 5, 2008 at

      That’s great news, Lerxst! The initial Cyclingnews report said that after Downer’s the available potential sponsors fell through and none others were lined up. Glad to hear that’s no longer the case!

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