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    Vacations d’ Idahoes ~

    idahovacation_pic.jpgif you’re interested in seeing some of the footage and carnage of a NorCal invasion of SunValley in the off-season … HERE’S WHERE TO HOP.


    Yeah … it’s a beautiful area up there.  Long stretches of aspen cradled high-altitude valleys with single-track that rocks on ridiculously.


    Thanks again to DonnaWoods … cycling matron of the Monterey … for hooking us up with sweet stayings while up there.

    – – – – –


    VOS Boss-ness

    Check out the YoungGun, Nico Cerna, in his CCCX Cross victory last weekend.

    I mean come’on … that kid is psyched about bike racing.  How frickin cool is that.

    (and, he’s a big talent … that’s cool, too)

    – – – – –


    Cabrillo College Bike Co-Op KickAssery

    bikerwars.jpgBikes against Oil, baby.

    all the way.


    Here’s a way folks are making a difference – (really ….? doesn’t it come down to us all making choices, each of us, every day?) – The Cabrillo Cats take bike care to the streets.


    It’s a culture shift that needs to happen.  That’s the solution to our “crises” … all of them … shift our culture, our behavior in every day life.  We need to change.


    We can be ~

    more fit

    have more fun


    and be better educated.

    – – –

    What can you do? 

    I know i’m looking around for things to do myself.  And it centers around the bike, because that’s my passion.  Silicon Valley Bike Coalition … i think i’ll look them up and see if i can help.

    – – – – –



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    4 Responses to catch’ups after ketchums

    1. Steve
      October 2, 2008 at

      Nico is on fire! Good to see the VOS young guns tearing it up this year. Sean Bell tells me he is considering CX next year. Nico and Sean, no stopping that duo.

    2. October 2, 2008 at

      you know, SVBC is hiring a program director. it’s a new position and the pay isn’t great but it should prove to be a cool job. you should look into it.

      one of my missions has always been to get more recreational riders involved in the coalitions. the coalitions serve us, as well as transportation cyclists. we donate $1/member to the SVBC each year. imagine what a difference it would make if every club did that?

    3. bethwellie
      October 2, 2008 at

      Nico is unreal! The first day he came out to ride, I thought, oh nice, a junior, we can ride along together…uh, yeah…he dropped me in the first 20 feet. Amazing talent and is just so darn excited about everything on a bike! Awesome!

    4. Matt
      October 2, 2008 at

      Nico rocks tis true…but Hernando really likes him ’cause he’s got the super-disco mop-top rad-guy hair that Michael always wanted…lol!

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