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    the below is part of a series of vid’s i’ll have out as soon as i figure out how to edit these damn quicktime movie files from the new camera.

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    Hope you’ll watch and spread the intent of these vid’s … it’s all about getting word out and educating ourselves that the bicycle is a central solution to our crises of dependence on foreign oils, pollution levels from too many cars, and the health of our young and old as they become more obese and sedentary, or suffer the consequences of each.There are real and immediate public health problems that can be addressed by the ‘green’ benefits of bike education, advocacy, and integration into our everyday transportation needs.

    And we can make some jobs happen, too – you know?

    glorias_springrolls.jpgHow about this local producer of fresh, pre-made foodstuffs in the Santa Cruz area – Gloria’s Pantry.  They deliver pretty decent fresh and healthy’ish food (at least around the 20 mile area where i’ve seen and eaten them).

    One of the seller’s of Gloria’s Pantries is the Ugly Mug Cafe, in Soquel.  You’ve heard me tell tale before about this smooth place ~ with the drums that thunder overhead and the open mic nights that can crash your classics or swing wide your mind in surprise.

    It’s definitely a place to check out when you’re cruising the Cruz.  And i’ve got some poorly recorded ZekeD’s music to play you later … but, i digress.

    theuglymug.jpgWell, the Ugly Mug is about 5 miles away from the address listed on Gloria’s Pantry products … and i reckon those foodstuffs are likely delivered by truck or car to each of the many sellers (gas stations, cafes, gyms) that i’ve scarfed some down at in the area.

    And hey-hey, the employee owned PedalersExpress company is a short couple miles west of both locations … with a fleet of bike delivery folks ready to make a wage in delivering the goods.

    Well, i think these people should get together and help each other out.  The Ugly Mug owner is cool and funny and a HUGE bike advocate.   He’ll be psyched about the chance to put some dollars in bike delivery hands instead of tossing them down the gas tank of another delivery van (if he doesn’t already!). And I bet he’ll be willing to call up some of the other local sellers of Gloria’s Pantry product to join him in this Green economic idea of requesting products delivered by bike, not car.  A clear and immediate example of us all using the Bike as business improvement.

    peddlersexpress_bikechurchcoop.jpgAnd ~ as a matter of fact I met a couple people from the PeddlersExpress company recently who were just as fabulous and hip as the UglyMug owner was …. and i bet you anything that when i walk into Gloria’s Pantry on Monday, that those folks, too, will be interested in hearing about a chance save some money for their business AND improve our community by taking a car off the road and putting some people to work riding their bikes!

    I think Gloria’s will warm quickly to the idea that a bike can deliver all those sandwiches and burritos in that 20-mile radius I’ve seen their stuff sold at (at least!).   It helps to live in a progressive area like this … but, money is money – and it’s doing most the talking in this matter.

    You add the dollars of a bike company’s service against paying overhead, gas, drivers, and mileage on a vehicle … i think the benefits will speak for themselves.

    I love that the bike is a ZERO-emmission delivery system. Let’s use it.

    – – –

    more later, much to discuss and do!




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    8 Responses to Bike Advocacy

    1. Anonymous
      October 5, 2008 at

      God Damn it! I think this makes it two times this year, I’ll have agreed with you on a idea.
      Jesus Chong

    2. Michael Hernandez
      October 5, 2008 at

      year’s not up!

    3. girochatterbox
      October 6, 2008 at

      Cool ideas. Keep up the great brainstorming.

    4. Kelly
      October 7, 2008 at

      Hey hey. Kelly here from PedX. Thanks for writing about us! I agree, it makes lots of sense to use human powered delivery, especially because we already visit many of the locations that Gloria’s products are sold. We already deliver springs rolls by bicycle for Wild Iris to UCSC, Felton, Santa Cruz, Capitola and Aptos and we are definitely equipped to do more. We would be stoked to work with more local companies like Gloria’s for cargo and document deliveries. Recently we even started delivering to Watsonville every day and could use additional regular deliveries to make this route more affordable for us and our clients.

      Keep up the good work and see you around.

    5. Michael Hernandez
      October 7, 2008 at

      Hi Kelly!

      I called up Gloria’s and had a long conversation with the person in charge of distribution. He informed me that Gloria’s has a relationship with a delivery group that he was hesitant to break – even though very interested in the economic model and social/environmental benefits of bike delivery.

      I can understand his hesitation – he has a history with a provider and that relationship can be more than just business, it can be a bit personal, as well.

      To convince businesses like Gloria’s – I’m thinking we need to do a couple of things:
      1. establish that using PedX will be economically viable.
      2. leverage our connections to influence Gloria’s to change.

      Hey Kelly, if you can provide me with some convincing data that using PedX will save Gloria’s money … I can prepare loads of leveraging. My method is to entice .. and i think i know how.

      Gloria’s can get a lot of positive press out of making this ‘green economy’ conversion to pedpowered delivery of products. I am happy to organize a media campaign when you’re ready! We can also leverage the seller’s of Gloria’s products to ask/require for the PedX delivery system. Please keep me updated on your thoughts and recommended actions for me.

      Also, I’m wondering about the local office supply business, Palace Art Supply. My office gets regular deliveries from Palace that could DEFINITELY be bike delivered.

      Hope you don’t mind if i call them and plant a seed, or two.

      thanks for all you do!

    6. October 7, 2008 at

      Awesomeness. I love it when we bike racers also are advocates for bikes in other realms. Racing is the sh*t, but it’s not everything – bikes are the answer to so many problems! Thanks for working on this one 🙂

    7. October 8, 2008 at

      Yay bike advocacy! You have to care for where you play, ’cause that’s where you really live…

    8. Kelly
      October 21, 2008 at

      Hi Mike. My buddy Joshua just let me know that you had responded to my comment so here I am.

      Thanks so much for your research. I can definitely pull up some information about the cost of using PedX for these deliveries. I will let you know what you can do. You’re awesome for being willing to put your energy into this!

      As far as Palace goes, we do occasionally get calls to deliver from Palace that are set up by customers of Palace. It would be pretty great if they would switch to bike delivery for loads that could be feasible in a bike trailer. I wouldn’t be stoked to be pulling around 500 lb giant trailer loads of printer paper on a regular basis but I’m sure their deliveries are often smaller, as you suggested.

      We’ll be in touch and thanks again!

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