• texas bumrush of Italia and a worrisome NRC sched …

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    LoneStar Ferraris get shit gas-mileage…

    lancer.jpgyup … words are leaking out that Lance Armstrong is gonna open up a can of Texas Whoop-Ass on the Giro day Italia in ’09.

    … and maybe not do le’Tour.  (GASP!)


    The coolio part of what Armstrong is proposing is, 1) spreading cancer treatment/research/support awareness overseas; and, 2) pumpin’ up the Giro.

    L’Armstrong is quoted as saying that his cancer awareness message would likely be drowned out by the media-maelstrom his participation in the TourlaFrance would have brought next year.  And … how can you disagree with that?

    But, add to the drama that the bigTexan has a chance to win the centenarian celebrations of both the GIRO and the TOUR … and, well … you see how this kind of action could be attractive to the best stage racer the world has ever known.

    seewhatimean.jpgi say, DO IT, Lance.  And post every microbe of data available to show you’re clean – through the whole shibang.

    Sure, it’s an invasion of your personal privacy … but, i’d consider it more the necessary burden to carry in being one of the true icons of our world culture that can affect real and meaningful change.

    Yeah, really … you are.

    – – – – –

    2009 NRC Calendar … huh-wha???

    As LisaHunt pointed out, there are some bizarro scheduling conflicts in next year’s NRC Calendar.  … “Toona and Cascade — within 3 days of eachother???”

    bureaucrat.jpgBut, what I don’t understand is … USACYCLING is putting on it’s FIRST Summit for NRC promoters after a dozen years of NRC-action.  Funny enough, the summit is being marketed as available only to ’09 NRC promoters.

    uh … what about all the previous NRC promoters and the wealth of experience they could bring to such a summit?  What about potential NRC promoters who could benefit from attending such a summit?  Shouldn’t they all be invited to a 3-day event of such importance?

    oy … institutional retardation.  I mean, it is a solid idea, JustinRogers and all else involved at USAC, to have a summit to coordinate/educate/get input from promoters … but, maybe a re-think is in order on only inviting ’09 promoters, eh?


    Lissen, USA CYCLING … if you need help ~ just give a holler.

    USA Cycling announces inaugural NRC Promoters Summit

    USA Cycling has announced plans for the first-annual National Racing Calendar (NRC) Promoters Summit in Colorado Springs Nov. 14-16, 2008. The three-day event will be open to all 2009 NRC race promoters.

    The objective of the NRC Promoters Summit is to improve communication and promote dialogue between USA Cycling and representatives of the season-long, nationwide, Pro-Am road racing circuit. As the calendar gets set to enter its 13th season next year, all promoters that are selected to be a part of the 2009 NRC are encouraged to attend. The summit will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas on a variety of topics as competitive cycling in America continues to grow at the professional and amateur skill levels.

    As demand for inclusion on the calendar grows, USA Cycling is seeking input from its NRC promoters in order to better define what the NRC should be for athletes, teams, sponsors, host communities, promoters and various other stakeholders. The policies and procedures that exist to bring a level of prestige and consistency to the NRC will be examined, as will the application and bid process. Ultimately, the 2008 NRC Promoters Summit will provide an open forum in which USA Cycling and NRC event representatives can exchange ideas and share thoughts on what works and what doesn’t from their experience in event promotion and operation.

    “After 12 years, it’s important to get a fresh perspective on different elements of the NRC from those who know the events best,” explained USA Cycling National Events Director Justin Rogers. “Each year we receive valuable feedback from our promoters which is in turn used to improve various aspects of the calendar. By bringing everyone together to collectively discuss the successes and challenges they’ve experienced over the years, we’re ensuring that the NRC will continue to thrive for years to come at the level it was intended when it was first created.

    For more information contact Justin Rogers at jrogers@usacycling.org.



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    10 Responses to texas bumrush of Italia and a worrisome NRC sched …

    1. wah wah -Brenty
      October 14, 2008 at

      Am I surprised by NRC calendar? Not really.
      They make the calendar too tight every year. Altoona is not the easiest place to fly out to and fly back out of. They did this to Cascade several years in a row. I seem to recall issues with overlap at Redlands for another race in the past too…

      Seems they should of held the promoters event before setting the calendar so folks can work schedules out.

      Thats just my opinion.. wah wah

      Best Will Ferrel / Mogatu impersonation –“That Lance is so hot right now.”

    2. Hooptie
      October 14, 2008 at

      Anyone have details on the 3 Day Tour of Cali woman’s race?

    3. Michael Hernandez
      October 14, 2008 at

      dunno, but somebody tell me who i have to bumpoff to announce at it.

    4. Hooptie
      October 15, 2008 at

      It’s odd Lance is willing to be tested now…but wont let his old samples be retroactively tested. Regardless, his comeback will be good for the sport…even if he is a cheating douchebag.

    5. cheatersforever
      October 15, 2008 at


      dont kid yourself, E.M. may have won all the races, but he for sure was using stimulants and has even admited it, and Axel told me his dad used help for certain races. Eddy faced a less global racing field then Armstrong, and if Lemond came up against Eddy at the tour Lemond would have taken it to the oversized belgium boy. Lets face now the peloton is full of specialist, riders who excell at certain things and focus on certain goals during the year. In Eddy’s time it was everyone racing all the time. In todays races Eddy would just a a good all arounder who could win a classic or 2. He would get worked over by the mountain goats in the tour hills who are either on epo or cera or anal stimulants.
      either was if Eddy raced today, there is no way he racks up as many wins as he did…….you fool! NO WAY!

    6. pedro
      October 15, 2008 at


      i didn’t say Ed never doped or he would beat everyone today while he was in his prime… while he might or might not, those arguments are moot cause physics don’t allow time travel and this isn’t a seinfeld mighty mouse vs. superman episode.

      i just took exception to nando calling lance the best stage racer of all time, cause he ain’t, dats all!

    7. lance rules
      October 15, 2008 at

      wrong pedro
      if you can ride half as good as you type i might listen to you
      but you cant
      you will be proven wrong when lance comes back and wins the 2009 giro
      no other stage racer has ever retired and then at almost 40 years old come back and win a grand tour to follow up on 7 wins at the tour de france

      armstrong is simply the best, beter then all the rest

      nobody, nobody, nobody can pull off the stuff lance can do

      nobody ever has and nobody ever will


      he will win the giro and prove to you he is the greatest stage race cyclist of all time

      he will prove this to you pedro

    8. NapoleanD
      October 16, 2008 at

      Vote 4 Pedro

    9. mcain
      October 16, 2008 at

      1 small vote For a Lance is one small vote for eating Bush

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