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    lanceness.jpgfollowing the Lance Chronicles …

    holee sheeet, man … the Texan is bringing his power of the press to a couple of downhome town time trials.

    Right on, right on.

    Action like that is so cool to see.  I hope that event rocks like no two back-to-back timetrials have ever done.  BRING ON MEDIA COVERAGE!!!

    – – –


    But Nys is still mo’badass

    check out the handlebar knocker to the eyeballs Sven gives himself.

    .and i think he went on to win the next day, or something like … and other’ly mutant.  what a freak’nick.it’s just … you can’t but get the sense that there’s a few buckloads of weird hidden behind that immovable mask he dons as raceface.

    he’s got a bit of the calculating barbarian in him, you know?

    very dangerous, those types.

    – – –


    PYSCHOCROSS … local shenanigans

    The women’s event at this year’s Halloween PsychoCross in Soquel was a fairly convincing display that HRS/RockLobster is the creme of the NorCal circuit.  Sarah Kerlin has been racking up UCI points the old-fashion’d way by getting on an airplane and making it happen.  That’s a rough road she’s on, but i’m of the impression that it’s only under adverse conditions does the killah in Kerlin come out to kickrap.


    StellaCarey was the winner on Sunday’s Surf City main event … but really the two women rode shoulder to shoulder most the event.  They walked away from a quality field early and pedal’d the consistent, powerful pace that shows there’s more to come as the season progresses.

    And so, with Stella in firm control of the local NorCalCup after the first 2 events, she’ll hit out the rest of the series to see if she can claim the crown.  Kerlin will continue her build towards Nationals and maybe a few International events as well …

    hell yeah.

    CalGiantBerries … they grown ’em big around here

    robo_n_son.jpgAnnouncement to Elite Men’s CycloCross’niacs: Cody the Kaiser is working hard under the massive and unstoppable tutelage of JustinRobo …

    we’ve got a lot of work to do.


    The race started ballistic, of course, with well over a dozen riders near the front half-way through the first lap.  It was balls-to-walls pace and the strain to maintain would see separations occur as the minutes-in went double digits and gaps snapped in earnest and sometimes with finality.

    After the initial sort-out of super-octane capacity, the race separated into 4 out front battling mighty for thew, and the rest of the universe strung out behind and loving the crumbs.  We went nutz for every racer all day long – easy to do when you get to witness the likes of the darkOneRichMaile and CamFalconer savaging’n it out and individual exploits like ScottyChaps, AWorx, O’dawg, and many others.


    Ben Jacques-Maynes took the lead away from the first four … but wtihout a ton of authority.  Ben is in amazing core shape right now as he begins to prep himself for what will be, undoubtedly, the hardest Tour of California thus far.

    It’s true that BJM has been one of the true American icons of the TOC.  From the infamous 9K ruling for Leipheimer that robbed Ben from the Leader’s Jersey to the massive time trialing displays by he and his Bissell ‘mates … BJM and his squad have been essential elements of what makes the Tour of California great.

    It, and they, are close to us.  Part of us.


    bjm1.jpgBut back to the PsychoCross action … BJM was off the front, but bobbled and lost the plot on a bit of off-camber loosey-gooseness.  The first to counter-strike was JoshDJSnead.  He passed Ben on the ground, gave him a sorry-bud, but hafta … then punched the accelerator full-gas.  The vicious kick separated CodyKaiser off of Robinson and Snead, as BJM would see his 4th solidified with a dropped chain and massacre’d remount.

    With Josh leading Robinson and envisioning a chance at back-to-back big wins (BASP’s McLarenPark last weekend) … it all went side-ways when Snead hit it wrong on a cobble-section and pinched his tubie.   ah well, live by the sword, die by it … so to speak.

    With Snead then chasing with a flat, Robinson and Kaiser joined up and put on an incredibly impressive final third of the race, pressing forward the fight with every pedalstroke.

    The crowds on the run-up went berserker-frenzied as the two stormed through lap after lap.  Kaiser wow’ing all with his beautifully control’d strain of riding it, everytime … but still only barely, … barely, keeping pace with the that great dancing bear, Justin ‘keeper of the Redwoods’ Robinson.


    what a race. what a sport. what a community.



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    5 Responses to PsychoCross Sic’ness

    1. Michael Hernandez
      October 29, 2008 at

      doh … i don’t have time to edit. stoopid wordpress interface is just too slow for my needs.

      ah well – you generous readers can drop the repeats, misgramms, and unfinishes.


    2. ottobus
      October 29, 2008 at

      I massacre’d my remount Saturday at Geona CX…most painful indeed.

    3. mount me please
      October 29, 2008 at

      Sven Nys can dis mount and mount just a tad better then you, but like the horny dog you are, YOU can mount someones knee with a thrusting motion far better then Sven Nys ever could.
      Humpdy Hernando is the greatest.

      This photo here shows you in your best form of all……………………………..


      you are the most loved man on earth

    4. Markus Purnellious
      October 30, 2008 at

      Miss my norcal!

      Since I’m announcer for the Tour De Gruene this weekend, expect the play by play with photos. Lance starts last (of course) on Saturday with the 5 guys in front of him the top 5 in the state in the tt discipline.

      Sunday will be another carnage on the roads.

      Lance is trying out his new TT rig (photos’ coming of that as well).

      Have a great weekend everyone,

      I’ll be heckling the Texans representing the NorCal love

    5. Michael Hernandez
      October 30, 2008 at

      HELLYEAH Markus!

      go rip that sheeet up, brudda. i owe you beers!

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