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    hey ya’ll, there are some pretty cool things happening in the NorCal coming up, so… let’s get this party started ~

    – – –

    LAST DAY …

    to get your Auction on.


    84 items of crazy-talk coolness to the bidders with the bestest.

    Check out the site, and make some radness happen for your local cultural change agent (yup, that’s the NorCal HS League … getting kids on the bike for life).

    – – –


    Team Tibco’s havin’ a Garage Sale!


    awww yeah … the sweetest baby blues are gonna be up for grabs. This Saturday the Tibco SuperHotties are having their year-end blowout of stuff as they prep for 2009 … biggest year yet.  Here’s the details:

    WHAT: We are selling Bikes, Wheels, Helmets, Trainers, Team CLOTHING!! etc. Anything related to a bike!
    WHEN: Saturday, November 8th from 10AM-1PM.
    WHERE: 679 Homer Ave , Palo Alto.
    WHY: Because you want to get great deals on GREAT bike stuff and Support a GREAT cause!

    … women’s cycling rawks, yo.

    – – –


    portland_manifest.gifPortland’s BikeBuilder’s Show of Fuerza

    holee garbonzo beans … Ed R. sent me some kick-ass pictures of the show that took place a couple weeks ago.  What a show, fo’sho.

    “Set within the heart of Portland’s legendary cyclocross scene, OREGON MANIFEST will feature an unconquerable mix of custom framebuilders, bike-centric vendors, bike culture squads, and blowout parties, crowned with a Sunday cross race to bring home the glory.

    OREGON MANIFEST is the collective vision of Portland, Oregon’s cycling and creative communities, who’ve come together to dream up and develop the most original, spirited and spectacle-laden boutique bike show in the nation.”


    i tell ya … that rain up there must act like fertilizer to the creative mind.  Cuz them Oregonians keep impressin’ me with coolness.  Look for this to happen next year, and make the trip.

    – – –


    NORCAL BIKE RACING … is radrightnow

    djsnead.jpgWith DJSnead going ape-shit all over the NorCal Cross scene right now, it’s easy to not catch a glimpse of the HUGENESS of Cody der Kaiser’s rise in the ranks.  I first met Cody back in the Spine days … where i was impressed with him and his folks’ down-homey attitudes and obvious love for the sport.


    codyderkaiser.jpgWell, Cody still ain’t old enough to drive – but, he’s become one of the hottest cyclocross prospects out of our region in a decade.  He’s got the steady keel needed to navigate the turbulent waters of american pro racing.  He’s got the support crew around him of his folks, a great sponsor (CalGiant Berry Farms steps up again), and a region that allows him to race in varied conditions and against top-notch quality fields.

    perfecto, as he makes his bid to be on the Junior’s Worlds team this year.

    (pics stol’d from KWC … the man)

    – – –


    Bissell goes NorCal

    bissellboys.jpgwell, sort of.  But, i just heard word that NOT ONLY is BennyJackMaynes gonna get joined by his twintowerbro, Andrew the Cross’niac…

    but, he’s also gonna be lined up with Eric the Wohlberg as management for the team.  Yup, the strongest man on the bike i’ve ever seen is joining the admin ranks of Bissell.   That’s cool.

    And i even heard word that PaulMach has signed on to drive the pace for Bissell all year long.  right on, right on.

    but paul … you do realize that shit is gonna hurt, yo?

    – – –


    ValueActCapital partner with USWCDP


    … and that kicksass.

    For 2009, the team will be working very closely with the US Women’s Cycling Development Program, to foster the development of women’s cycling in the US.

    “Women’s cycling has grown significantly over the past few years. Michael Engleman has put together an amazing program, and has an incredible talent pool of women who want to gain experience racing,” said Hunt. Riders like McGrath, Allpress and Ruiter have all benefited from the USWCDP. “We’re planning on tapping into his resources, by bringing on a rider or two to guest ride with the team for selected races.”

    The team is planning other programs to help promote the sport of cycling among women, including women’s cycling clinics and group rides. “We’ve got some exciting things happening with the team that we’ll be announcing shortly,” said Hunt. “2009 is going to be a great year!” [CN]

    right on, right on.



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