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    The CCCX Crew are putting together a great shindig this weekend at Manzanita Park, out in Prunedale.  The racing has been so, so good this year in NorCal cross … and with no conflicts on the schedule, perfect weather forecast, and a big turnout expected ~ it’s gonna be a party you don’t wanna miss.



    lalalalalalalalalala.jpgWell, you never know which of the NorCal stars are going to be on home turf this time of year.  Rachel LaLaLloyd has been the only woman domestically who can challenge the LunaDynamicDuo of Gould and Nash.  To say that Lloyd has found her world-class legs again is a bit of an understatement.

    Hell, i remember a couple years ago talking with Rach about racing again … she said she wouldn’t do it without the right kind of support.  Well, this year i think we’re seeing what this woman is capable of, as she’s got the supersupport of California Giant Berry Farms behind her.


    theblamer.jpgSo, without doubt, if Lloyd is in town – she’s the favorite.  But, on a course like Manzanita ~ with that brutal, brutal climb on it … we might want to consider the new CrossHotness of NorCal bounding over boards this year ~ Sarah the Blamberger.

    Sarah leads the BASP Series and has been having more fun with cross this year than should be allowed anywhere outside of Oregon.  She’s fit, she’s a fighter, and she’s just dorky enough to be my kind of SupahStah!


    Other big hitters for the Women’s title this year are, of course, the regular hardwomen of NorCal ~ we’re talking about the HRS/RockLobster TwinTowers of Stella Carey and Sarah Kerlin.  Stella leads the CCCX series and rivals Bamberger in the BASP, as well.  Kerlin may be out in Whitmore this weekend to try and grap more UCI points, but hopefully she’ll be around home instead and will give Districts a rampup.

    hannon_ator_bybici.jpgWith the climb at Manzanita, another good rider to watch for is (yet another Sarah) Maile.  Sarah has been laying low these past couple weeks and maybe she’ll be nice and fresh for the shotgun-fest that always occurs in Prune-tucky.  And who knows, maybe that beauty from the woods, Kathleen Hannon might make it all the way down from the Bay and give those other women a run for their money.  Hannon’s form has been increasing each week and we might be witness to another strong result from the quiet-one.

    I think i remember hearing Barbalicious Howe say that she was going UCI point hunting this weekend … but, can’t be sure cuz i’d already hit into Murphy the Mack’s wicked cider before that conversation.  But ~ if Barb’s there … look out.

    – – –


    But what about the Mens?

    sneadalot.jpgWell, the big target-on-back for this weekend’s race has to be with one DJSnead. El Joshua has been tearing up NorCal this season, leading the BASP commandingly, and taking a number of solid, varied wins.  He’s won on power courses, fitness tests, and on tracks that demand top skilz.  We’ll see if he can take another big win this weekend.

    Of course, some of his top rivals come from his own damn team … the LobsterMen have been dominating the scene this year … and i’ve got to say, if there was one cat i’d mention who might make a splash on this weekend’s event ~ it’s AWorx, the barbarian.  Alex Worx was a B rider last year, but you could see his desire to suffer and love of the sport back then.  It shined out of him.

    He may not have the radness of BucketHead, or the uber-suave’ness of O’dawg, or the pedigree of ElSneado … but, he’s got fire in his belly to spare.  And i see him taking a bite out of the leaderboards soon.


    derkaiser.jpgBut … they’ll have to overcome the Giant Berry Boys if the Lobsters want to unseat the champs.  CalGiant might be on the east coast chasing points … but, if they aren’t ~ on a course like Manzanita?

    I’m saying it’s Cody der Kaiser taking the win.  That’s right, I’m calling it now.  Cody for the win.  He’s got the climbing engine to conquer the ups and the mad-handling skilz to swish through all those damn u-turns and 270’s that KeithD always scatters through his courses.


    eatadonut_cam.jpgBut there are other contenders, as well.  CamFalconer has found a bit of fitness this year and always rides the hills well at Manzanita.  If he’s fresh and focused, you could see that brother spanking a LOT of the bigdawgs in town.  And, although it would hurt to see a roadie-scum take the title, if Steve (mike) Reaney shows up again this weekend – you never want to discount that cat when it comes to finding a finish line.  He’s nails and has the desire to be the best.

    Of course, all bets get called off if some of the super-pros decide to make time to be in town. We’re talking about the likes of the Jacques-Maynes brothers, el Robo, or even the WickNasty.

    You just never know who’s gonna show up to a NorCal slugfest.

    see you there!



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    4 Responses to Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

    1. sabine
      November 21, 2008 at

      I love/hate the Manzanita course.

      We should race it. (after swimmins of course)

    2. sabine
      November 21, 2008 at

      and, Happy Birthday!!

    3. bethwellie
      November 21, 2008 at

      you should race it…and forget swimmins.

    4. tash
      November 21, 2008 at

      oohh, really!?!? Bday for M – well, happy bday! i’ll be sure and have an extra G&T tonight in your honor:)

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