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    String of accidents shake cycling communities

    Several accidents, some with fatal outcome, shook cycling communities all over the world in the last couple of days.

    In Arizona, a group of ten riders was hit during El Tour de Tucson, leaving two riders critically injured. The motorist initially fled the scene, but later turned himself in to police custody. The motorist was making a left turn in front of the cyclists.

    Gary Stueber was transferred to a hospital in Phoenix. He underwent an initial surgery to remove swelling and damaged brain tissue, but he remains in a coma. Other surgeries are likely to follow.

    A medical fund has been established at Bank of America under “Gary Stueber Medical Fund.”

    Contra Costa fatality

    In California, a member of the Wells Fargo racing team/Contra Coast Cycling Club, was killed by an oncoming vehicle that apparently had crossed over the centre line. Mark Pendleton, 49, of Martinez was an avid cyclist who was returning home on the two-lane road from a training ride. Darkness had already fallen and Pendleton was not using lights or reflectors at the time of the accident. He died at the scene.

    The motorist fled the scene. From debris found at the scene, officers said the car that hit Pendleton may have been dark in colour, and the crash apparently broke a headlight or turn signal. Anyone with information should call the CHP at +1 925 646-4980.

    His friend John Elliott recalled Pendleton as a trim, athletic man who took his cycling seriously. He was always in training, and he ordered his morning bagel without butter or spreads and his club sandwiches without mayonnaise.

    Pendleton took up cycling to spend time with his younger son, John Mark, whose doctor recommended bicycling following a knee injury. With his older son, Paul, the three would compete in local amateur races.

    Earlier this year, he began riding with his wife, Denise. She took a liking to the sport after picking out a heavy yellow beach cruiser – the opposite of her husband’s sleek road bikes. But, she recalled, he didn’t care what kind of bike she rode, or how fast she rode it. “He’d pick out flat routes and stay right with me, the whole time,” she said. “He’d never leave my side.” Pendleton is survived by his wife and his sons. Funeral arrangements are pending.

    Vuelta de Higuito fatality

    Wilmar Henao, coach of the Colombian cycling team that is currently riding in Costa Rica’s Vuelta de Higuito, was struck by a car and died of the injuries.

    Henao went out for a ride in the morning before stage five, to get some exercise. The Colombian team was in the hotel Casa Conde and did suspect anything until they were informed by the police.

    The race continued and Colombian John Darwin Atapuma won the stage and moved to second place overall. But it was not clear if the squad would continue to race.

    Cyclingnews extends its sincere condolences to friends and families of the fatal accident victims. [CN]

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    For those of you who haven’t heard, Ileana Garcia-Parker was in a very serious accident while riding on Sunday.  A car turned left in front of her while she was descending and she hit the front of the car.  She was helicoptered to Stanford hospital, where she has been in the ICU since.  Luckily she had no head injuries.  She has many broken bones in her left arm, has several breaks in her pelvis, and lost a considerable amount of blood due to an artery cut. Her index finger was also seriously severed, and she is currently undergoing surgery to hopefully save this finger.

    I know Warren has been in the hospital the last few days and is giving me updates on her condition.

    Please keep Ileana in your thoughts and prayers– over the next few hours as she is in surgery, over the next few days as she will be in the hospital, and over the next few weeks and months as she is healing.


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    1. Mr. Man
      November 26, 2008 at

      Horrible! How do we protect our selves?


    2. November 26, 2008 at

      Memorial ride for Mark Pendleton at 9am on Sunday, leaving from Peets in Danville.

      Sad, sad stuff.

    3. November 26, 2008 at

      Be Safe. Motorists don’t always see us.

    4. surfvivor
      November 27, 2008 at

      Not struck by a car but what is the word about the guy that had to be airlifted from Manzanita last weekend?

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