• Coyote Point Cross

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    or … where bad soundtracks go to diefoodstuffers.jpgdaag, i went and slathered on the selfish this weekend ~ taking wheels out and about in the loverly sunshines of Santa Cruz instead of burning carbon to get up to SF for all the kickass happenings.  There was the Fabulous Sheila Moon‘s warehouse extravaganza, the Too Hip to be Square FoodSweeps for charity helped heaps by Jenny Oh ~ l’extraoridinaire, and the Simpson’s final BASP raucous romper up at crispy-cold Coyote Point.So, kinda goes without saying that i’ll need ta’ poach a few pics from the flick’rs and tap into the zanfran zeitgeist for my usual whitewashings of hyperbole and sassafrass.Right on.- – –.Hannon the Cannon takes the Day and the Titlemopodunks.jpgWow … what a finale for the femmes.  The Freewheel/Hunter team not only has the hottest kits in NorCal … now they have their big champion of ’08.  Kathleen Hannon once again confirms that cyclocross is a sport that actually gets hot when the weather goes cold by taking the last event of Pilarcitos and … who knows, maybe will toss some of that continually building form out on the road for a bit of Natz action.  She’s a racing age-30 beauty now … so, mayhaps we’ll see her putting a frozen foot up some butts over there in KC.  Either way, helluva result for the quiet one.Hannon finished just a few seconds ahead of BigBadBrehms at Coyote Point … leading us to hope that the Webcor DS will take her fastlegs out to KC, as well.  What a year.The rest of the day’s podium was chock full of drama as Stella Carey, Sarah Blamberger, Mel Schultz, and Kat Baumsteiger all finished within 5 seconds of each other in what must have been one sufferfest of a final few hundred. .DJ Snead kills and claims itpodunks.jpgHRS RockLobster put Carey on the podium for the Women’s BASP Series and absolutely hog-tied the Men’s category into submission.  Snead, O’dell, and SuperScottyChapin went hat-trick on the day, laying down some authority that they’re truely the homeboys of our hood.For the Series, it was Snead and Chapin going top-honors – with Webcor’s A.Laflamme, CalGiant’s Reaney, and CamFalconer of Freewheel Hunter rounding out the final podium.Looks like lots of hard racing out there yesterday..Old guys and the Developing Womens oldpodunks.jpg45+ categories in NorCal are like watching early 90’s pro-videos … you see the same cast of characters, just minus a bit of neon spandex and plus a few pounds of abflab.  But, this year there was a fresh face claiming the overall title in the BASP series.  HRS/RockLobster’s Brett Lambert used flawless consistency to take the overall title [edit: “2nd to Larry MountainJack Hibbard} in a wickedly tight contest amongst the ubers.Very cool.All the regulars were within a teenager of taking the title … and that makes for bucket loads of motivation for these gents to come back next year and dogfight it out, once again.  I tell you … they get older, AND faster.The 35+ series was won by perennial powerhouse Alan Coates, with his teammate and NorCal icon Chris D’Alusio but a sliver behind.  But, the story of the 35s this year was BlackMarket’s Tim Thompson.  The likeable assassin decided to actually put in some training this summer and show’d that he has the blades to fight it out at the front-end of the fastest masters region in the US.Well done, TT.- – -The Women’s B category somehow defied mathematics and ended up in a points tie between Amy Padula (Wrench Science) and Dana Katz (Roaring Mouse).  Padula took it on placings, but what a big showdown that must have been..EDIT – above GC talk is all lies and misrepresntations:  Go and check out all the BASP Category Champions {when they get finalized and published}  Props to all for a solid series of racing.~



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    4 Responses to Coyote Point Cross

    1. Jenny Oh
      December 8, 2008 at

      Kathleen was hungry to win her first race along with clinching the series: “I’ve had a lot of 2nd place finishes this year.”

      Congrats to Nails for winning and for a fine series by the ladies!

    2. funtimes
      December 8, 2008 at

      Great report

      Nor-cal really had some great racing in all the divisions this season, and there is still more to come. Good luck to all the national racers. And thanks for the report work Mike.

    3. Anonymous
      December 8, 2008 at

      Hey Mike

      are sure you have the point totals correct for the Masters Division 35+ ??

      Looking at the final results, there is a chance Henry Kramer won the 35+ Series. I think you might have your report wrong! But then I could be wrong as well. I am thinking Maybe you have it wrong, try again to just be sure.
      As I have a feeling Kramer was the series winner.

    4. Michael Hernandez
      December 8, 2008 at

      yo K,
      i just grabbed whatever was on the BAAASP website – but it looks like those ain’t current. i’ll check them again and update if they change somethin.

      Bring on the rest of the NorCal CX season! I’ll be doing the mic for the NCNCA Cup finals at Watsonville.

      hellyeah, calendar is still running strong.

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