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    bosslobsteryo.jpgPeak Season Cyclocross happened all over Santa Cruz this weekend …and Paulo, BossLobster, Sadoff took the podium straight home..Kudos, maestro.  Kudos..If you were on the FACEBOOKS over the weekend, you got to catch as-happens crackberry shots from Sabine.  They rock.Apparently Lopes was cutting some brappage out there and Buckethead had a facecam planted on his noggin, and Gill wasn’t sued for copyfringement … so, you know ~ it was a goodtime.supascotty.jpg.i’ll steal a few pics and lies from other reliable sources and burp out a bit about the opening Peak Season’er.  And, i’ll definitely be at the Jan 4th  Watsonville edition  – that’s the NCNCA Cup Finale..there will be stories…- – –.Xtracycle …extrabikers.jpgi hear the new director of operations is toootally hot..what a rad idea …making multi-use, hipster-safe, crossculture comfortable coolio bikes to bang around life on..I’m on board with what these cats have going on.  Check them out and find new ways to get on bikes.  It solves stuff.- – –.Gavia owes me beerwowage.jpgKatherine the Great stomped away from Hanka for the win and Gould stormed from deep back in the startlist to nab podium.  With LaLaLlody gliding to a nifty 8th … it was the best showing of American women ever at a well-attended World Cup.Everybody was there and the stage has been set for a serious showdown in the Netherlands..January Results will come from those … who stay healthy, who stay hungry, who make it happen.What an event we’ll be witness to … i’ve got to find the perfect interwebs connection and hunt a fresh live vid’ feed.  [site recommends always appreciated]- – –Flush out the World’s Team …hell_yes.jpgI haven’t read any word on who the Gawds of ColoradoSprings will select for the US World’s team.  Sue Butler is over the pond now … she grabbed a solid 22nd in this latest American wave of a World Cup and ~ surely Butler has a case to be made for the World’s squad.  But, if we are looking to invest in the future, I can’t see how it’s anybody first to select then that dirtdemon incarnate, Amy Dombroski.When i see this woman ride a bike … it’s like watching a volcano build.  Signal the alarm because fire cometh …She’s young still and shouldn’t be allowed to burn herself to cinders, but … with her work ethic and love of the hurt, we could see this woman crushing results for years to come.I’d like to see USACycling select Dombroski to the Worlds Team and even {gasp} coordinate a national fundraising effort to support the entirety of the ’08/09 World’s team..i’ll go piss in the wind now.- – –Mike Connell “killed” in plane crashIf you don’t know the story of this guy and the group of people who have stolen elections for years – please do read up.  Or listen in.- – -to soothe-lates



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    1. kcm
      December 22, 2008 at

      word on the street is Amy D. did not get selected for the world’s team… LVG got a spot though.

    2. Anonymous
      December 22, 2008 at

      “Mike Connell “killed” in plane crash”

      I just happen to be finishing a good book about being bad and this sounds a lot like the kind of things that happen when you are a newly elected president of a south American country and you are about to kick out American corporations and nationalize your utilities and natural resources…

      coincidences never are

      I am sure if I was reading about flying small single engine planes in poor weather I would think that he built up a bit too much ice on his wings or some sheeet…..

    3. GOV
      December 22, 2008 at

      Politics and Cycling, now i see the similarities.

    4. Sabine
      December 23, 2008 at

      If Amy is not selected, I’d like to know who’s head I should chomp off?

      Unbelievably short sighted.

      And out of touch.

    5. Sabine
      December 23, 2008 at

      Well, its been officially announced.

      Someone at USA Cycling doesn’t read their own discretionary selection procedures. There is like, 4 pages dedicated to “future medal potential”.


      Anyone home?

    6. Cchaitc3o
      December 23, 2008 at

      Word has it, Heir Author was spotted ditching the crutches and catching a ride on an ‘xtracycle’ ambulance at the Chico Crit.

      Greatest townie build-kit ever!

    7. December 24, 2008 at

      LOL, how ’bout we wait until after Worlds?

      I feel certain I can find a proxy to send a beer of the Belgian persuasion your way 😉

      No U23 national champion at Worlds. That’s so not right. Yo USAC, future of the sport much?

    8. anon
      December 24, 2008 at

      Does anybody know the real story here?

      Did Amy D. legitimately want to spot, and got denied? Or did she take herself out of the selection process b/c she couldn’t/didn’t want to pay her way over to worlds?

    9. Michael Hernandez
      December 24, 2008 at

      don’t know … but, VeloBella has ways of sending cash for their riders to get to Worlds. They’ve done it in the past and i’m sure would have done so again. but, i haven’t asked Amy about it (yet).

      you’ve hit on it, Anon – funding.

      USACycling is throwing more atty money at their appeal of $300K award to an athlete error’d out of an Olympic mtb spot … but, we don’t have funds to cover CX World’s teams.

      I guess the core story here is that we’ve got serious momentum in women’s CX racing. Months of PRESS has been focused on women’s results this year.

      Will the bike industry take notice? We need well funded, well organized women’s cx teams.

      We need professionals in our sport, all around the table.

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