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    Zolder … Belgies get kicked in their Nederlandersvosness.jpgOne of the best cycling scribblers around right now has tapped Vos to take the Women’s World title this year.  I can understand why the sentiment rises … the race is on Vos’ hometurf, she’s won stripes before, and ~ she’s just so frickin hot.does smell a bit like a recipe for victory to me ….But, Salvetat, Compton, VandenBrand , and especially der’ Kupfernagel will have a few things to say about who dons the rainbow.  Compton is still my favorite for the race … as she’s going to swing back up in form after a bit of a drip after her Natz form.  But, to win … Compton is going to need a teammate up there with her.  The Euros are going to attack her over and over again, and Vos is someone who can exploit that kind of on-off action.Can’t wait to see.- – –.The reason to watch men race …zolderzoop.jpgare the chances at seeing this kind of skinsuit action..oh my, oh myI have to say ~ i’m diggin the biceps strap and the fleshy-gold underbelly.  To me, this kit says … “yes, i’m Dutch and – and yes, i work out”-In the results, we note that our CX men nabbed top-30s with Jamie “Future” Driscoll just ahead of Ryan “Now” Treboner.Right on.But, looking at the U23s and Juniors, we see that Summerhill and McDonald had superior rides, as well.  Can’t remember who it was I heard interviewed a couple years back … but, it was one of the Euros who took a freepass from one of our richie-rich promoters, swinging states-side to race a few of our homespun events and do some shopping.steroid.JPGHe said that American technical riding was as good, or better than the Europeans’ … but that the difference in performance was due to engine size of riders.   Now, some could argue that medical programmes are what separates engine au’bloc between the Euros and us Americans … but, i prefer to say that it’s the PROGRAM of support that the Euros have as compared to us.We don’t have big budgeted teams ~ we don’t treat our Cross riders to all the small and hugely important details such as … not having to work part-time, not having to pay for travel and entry fees, not having proper gear, etc….A rider stressed about making ends meet is going to be disadvantaged to the relaxed, supported euro poofter.but, they’ll also be hungrier…



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    1. December 28, 2008 at

      This is getting good.

      {Rubs hands together gleefully}

      So can’t wait to see what happens next…

    2. yesman
      December 29, 2008 at


    3. Mr. Man
      December 29, 2008 at

      You all probably already know this one: http://ccx.nathanspear.com/

      Free Cyclo-cross videos! Just register and watch. You can donate as well. 🙂

      P.S. Thijs Al has quite the medical programme.

      Mr. Man

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