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    longtime sufferers of the hernando-blather will call me out on this one ~- – –Mind’ervals thasme.jpgThe lunch workout can be such a bitch, especially when fatigue is setting in, or maybe breakfast wasn’t anything but caffeinated chocolate ~ or maybe the nite before saw one or three too many margaritas.or worst of all, perhaps the will is simply waning …– – –But, form has to be built, training has to be done, results have to be earned … so, dammit ~ turn the screws to it.  Turn the screws.And so, when the repeats oppress like a looming, dooming mountain to be scaled – and when the back is tight and twisted from too little ab-work and the evils of crooked, hooked, age ~ that is when we must gulp, we must push through with one foot forward, blinking eyes that sigh and a brief mantra of, “ok … two more … just two more.”Just Two More is digestible ~ it’s realistic.  And though a bail-out of what might be optimal, it’s still better than nothing. And no matter how blown or shattered or disgusted i feel with myself after an interval … i know that i can do at least one after that … so, looking at the mountain, it’s…”ok … just two more.”- – –giveashitometer.jpgUp the hill, knees in violent revolt, shoving daggers and screaming jihad at every muscle, every ligament.where is your breathing?turn the pedals over, it’s only two more.  but, the first is agony, shattering glass.- – -The top is reached, and thankfully the hinges find just that hint of lubrication, the shoulders drop and teach the back to relax that little bit and … another time up the hill is possible.Turn and start.I know I can make it up one more time, and then it’s the last one. I’ll be done and the pain will stop. Just make it up this hill … do what needs be done.”two more, just two more.”.Turn and start again.- – –– – —And this time, i think we can do it. Come’on bicycle, let’s accelerate mid-way through this repeat … that’s what the workout called for, right? And now, you can do it. I mean, we’ve only got two more, just two more … the body has woken up and the suffering has changed from ripping cloth to lightly pounding hammer … we can do a couple in the right form, the right effort, the right mold.Hit the big gear …yes, feel the circle, distribute it evenly … efficiency is there under the dust. you can find it.”two more, just two more.”- – –– – —amelie-714841.jpgEverything, pour it into this one … everything. This is the winning move … this is the training. Yes, at least this is the right pain, the building pain, the pain that brings rewards.Shake with effort at the top, breath rasping, eyes bloodshot. Turn down the hill, get down for the next one … “just two more.”Sprint, don’t just accelerate … is that the 19t? …. make it to the 17. Burn, BURN, get back on that saddle and force the speed to remain after that attack. Let them chase, make them chase, put everything into the pedalstroke.”just two more.”.just two more~turn and start again.



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    1. Armstrong
      December 29, 2008 at

      i have two more in me as well!

    2. Flandria
      December 29, 2008 at

      Dang! That’s hot…

    3. Mouse Dropping
      December 29, 2008 at

      Thanks Nando, I was a little lacking today, but i too have two more in me!

    4. December 29, 2008 at

      Ahh, winter suffering, good stuff!
      If you have the time join me for “just 2 more” climbs on San Bruno after the race. See you in the New Year!


    5. M Edwards
      December 30, 2008 at

      I’m sure a few of the Bike Trip boys would be up for just two more…

    6. Michael Hernandez
      December 30, 2008 at

      Phipps, if we go ride anywhere after bruno, it should be to a coffee shop with a few thousand calories waiting.

      i think we may not get rained on, which will be a perfect way to open up the year. i love san bruno … even though it’s a stupid hillsprint.

      you doing it on your SS?

      i’m driving up from Salinas … tell them to hold the race if i’m late.

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