• NorCal win in Europe

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    SHELLEY OLDS WINS in Rotterdam!!!


    The 6-Days of Rotterdam are a HUGE show … with colored, lazer lights shooting in every direction and bass thumping sounds bump’n the arena like it’s part bike race, mostly disco rave.The first event of the 2nd day’s competition was the Women’s Elimination.  I happened to get an email from the NCVA listserve (thanks Brusselsprouts) that there was live interwebs coverage and so shot open a window and plunked in the link.. After a few moments of interwebs delay, up pops images of a fresh pack of females launching off after the first sprint of the Rotterdam Elimination Race.  Hellyeah!The eliminations were taking place every 2 laps, so there was plenty of time for riders to jockey for position or wind up big attacks.  The pace was solid the entirety of the race, causing some meaningful scraping for position and high-octane sprints from the back.  Shelley was plotting herself magically during the first half of the race, neither wasting energy on the front, nor killing herself uselessly in the back.She went ninja on their ass.Immediately after the big initial adrenaline push of starting speed, one woman in green laid down a blistering 4 lap turn of speed that shook off riders like dried mud and handed out bags of hurt to most the rest of the field.  Shelley floated along wisely a few riders behind the big green attack, never risking the cut and looking well prepped for the final few eliminations that would setup the finishing 3-up sprint.The final two riders eliminated were taken down directly by Shelley.  She positioned herself on the hip of the advancing 3 position rider for the penultimate elimination and pushed forward only enough to ensure her sprint was secure.   Then, in the final elimination she had to duck downtrack and clang the cajones of confidence to let a small gap open up so she would swing uptrack and overtake in the final elimination.What a gutsy move.  What a champion.. There was a botchy-delayed call as to who the final elimination was (between 2 other riders that Shelley had overtaken clearly) … and it caused a bit of confusion between the final 3 riders as they set up for the sprint.  The BigGreen4 rider took off immediately, with Shelley having to jump across a bike length + gap to reel her in.  It would be a test of willpower for the final lap, and it was with heart bursting through throat that saw Shelley stomp with her distinct Hellyer style on the pedals.   She stood, she stomped, she wound up that sprint, overtaking all for a win earned well and with authority.Congrats Shelley!~



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    6 Responses to NorCal win in Europe

    1. girochatterbox
      January 5, 2009 at

      Yeeeeee haaaaaw! That’s what we were waiting for. Congrats Shelley! Thanks for the great play by play, Hernando.

    2. gio
      January 5, 2009 at


    3. donna
      January 5, 2009 at

      When the going gets tough is when Shelley shines! Way to go Shell!!

    4. Sabine
      January 5, 2009 at

      Thanks for the play by play!

    5. January 5, 2009 at

      yeah! so cool. thanks for the report.

    6. Satin Matt
      January 5, 2009 at

      “clang the cajones of confidence”…I love it. You are the walt witman of the 2-wheelers.

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