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    Peak Season CX

    bjornfoxy.jpgawwww yeah, what a day of racing down in WatsonVile.  I’ve started throwing up pics … the Flickr is where they can be found.  I thought I was able to squeeze off a few decent shots ~ but, i think that was the beer talking.

    The racing was top-notch at the Fairgrounds this weekend.  I remember but a couple years ago when there was all kindOchatter on the NorCal scene about the lack of young and up&comers in the men’s pack.  Well … with the huge results of der Cody Kaiser and J-dawg Ferguson around our circuit (and the World!) this year, we’ve begun to put that thread to rest.  And now, with the rising shenanigans of BigBadBjornFox and the Rapko … i think NorCal’s future in dirt is secure.

    {and that’s without even mentioning all the standouts in the NorCal MTB League … hayle yeah}

    But on Sunday ~ it was a day for the true Elites to come home and strut their stuff.

    andysuperjm.jpgJACK-MAYNARDS RULE!

    Andy JM ~ the bionic man, the Lazarus turned Terminator … the man with a trigger-flash start so fast that JesseJames would have walked away whistling ~ Andy Jacques-Maynes treated us hometown fans to a display of what he captured this year … a lifetime’s supply of mental toughness and ferocious ambition.

    AJM traveled the country with his new rig and wife ~ hitting as many of the UCI hunting grounds as possible and knocking down huge results week in, week out.  And now, he’s done with the dirt for ’08 and prepping himself to slay the road scene with his marble-cut superstar brother, the VN American Rider of the Year ~ BennyJackMaynard..What a year it will be for these bros.

    But, it’s a lonely, devastatingly difficult road for the AmeriPros … and hardly anybody knows about it.  We fans of the sport see them in their fancy kits and slicker’d vehicles of promotion and think … man, they’ve got it easy (or the ever popular “must be nice…”)..

    Wrong.  Dead Wrong..

    These American pro riders get exploited like coal miners.  A few grand a YEAR if they’re lucky for wages, a year’s contract where your image, your name, all promotion rights are signed over to the team, or else.  A year’s contract that could be switched around by the team after you sign it, or never even signed by them at all …

    A year of travelling week after week, eating whatever food is offered, sleeping in whatever bed the team can scrounge up, and all the while … racing through muck and rain and howling winds so hard that every muscle in your body will wrack with pain and ache..and maybe never seeing the finish line first.

    – – –

    thegiantsofsantacruz.jpgBut at the Cross race this weekend ~ we fans gave them a true heroes’ homecoming.  We gathered at the “run-up,” we crowded around the butt-clenching descents, we pushed in to the finish to see and cheer, to ROAR our approval of their ability, their desire, their love of the bike.

    Well done Andy and Ben.  You ARE NorCal’s twin towers, the true-bloods, the fruits of our land..The podium for the men’s event was Andy on his Specialized uber-trick rig, Ben on his SerottaHotta singlespeed, and Justin the DancingBear Robinson.

    Folks, you can’t get any cooler than that.

    – – –winninbrems.jpg

    And for the women?

    Aww yeah, it was Karen Brems getting the first big win of her new Cross career.  Brems was patient, handled the technical sections better than she has all year, and put in one helluva last lap burn to distance herself from StellaCarey and Kathleen Hannon.

    What a race.

    – – –

    well, that’s all the time available for now. More lies, exaggerations, and pics soon,




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    5 Responses to quick draw RaceReports

    1. Markus Purnellious
      January 6, 2009 at

      man, did you hit the pro lyfe on the road on the goathead? that sums it up. but we did get agallon of buttlubebutter for the ride….

      oh, thats right, you use natural. dont worry, I’m sure you will win some in a prime soon.

      Bisselboys will be tough in 2009…

    2. Sabine
      January 6, 2009 at

      Thats a great podium shot. Our local scene is lucky to have such great representation. Even if 2/3rds of them have hairy legs.

    3. Ali
      January 6, 2009 at

      The Rapko was a cool cat in my pre-algebra class when he was in 7th grade. He was just getting hooked on cycling and when bored, would draw these awesome cycling pictures which his mom gave me when she found them in his backpack. He’s got a ton of talent and is a great guy on top of it.

    4. Anonymous
      January 7, 2009 at

      excellent editorial of the happenings going on at the cross races and the road race world

    5. Andrew Nevitt
      January 9, 2009 at

      That was my first cross race and now I see why everyone likes it so much… what a blast!! I am hooked for sure.

      See you in Fort Ord this Sunday.

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