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    Got 45 posts jangling around the noggin … let’s see if we can jot down a few on the quick-like ~

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    San Bruno Hill Sprint Startsmistahphipps.jpg

    I love the Jan1st tradition of hurling ourselves up that little SanBrunoHill.  It’s relaxed, fun, and mostly goofballery on bikes.  But, it’s still a race and i think there’s a couple things we could do to make the event even bigger and better in the coming years.

    Personally, I’d like to see the 35s start with the 45s in the 2nd wave.  I’m pretty tired of seeing 35+ guys winning the race.  I mean, if we’re talking a 15min threshold effort … you’re going to have to work hard to beat season’d runners like Phipps and Foy.  Those guys know how to work a 5K, if you know what i mean.

    Instead, I’d like to see the p1/2s start in the first wave and let them, or some of the Juniors that ride with them to have a crack at winning the event.  I’d be psyched to see an 18-year old win San Bruno next year … instead of somebody he’d call “dad”.

    Besides, the 35s and 45s should be dueling it out with each other.  I would have LOVED to see Phipps and Foy take out the knives on each other at San Bruno this year.  Hell, i might have even pedal’d a bit harder just to keep within visual of them duking it out!.cat4womenwinners.jpgAnd … i’d love to see a cool bit of podium action going for the awards.  I’m realizing more and more that we need to up our game in NorCal race promotion.  We have so many races in NorCal, year round, that i think we kind of lose energy in making the awards presentations RockStar’ish.

    But, with all the energy/logistics/finances that go into actually getting the events running smoothly … we can see how putting even MORE of that into awards presentations would be too much to ask.  Still … gotta ask!

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    Women Down Under

    fancypantsbroun.jpgGotta give a quick shoutout to WomensCycling.net … whoever does this bit of texty-madness is one major Coolio in my book.  They’ve been covering the Jayco Classic all week and introduced me to a few hotties I’ll be following more in the coming year (and thanks JP).Kristy Broun was a dynamo in the Jayco Classic.  She won hard stages, placed in all stages, and toughed it out over and over again to take the win in style.

    I like it..

    Women’s TT Champs

    And, I do love women who ride against the clock.  Maybe it’s because i suck so bad at TTs, or maybe it’s cuz i’m so a slut for tricked out rigs and aero booties … but, i just love it when women ride as fast as men.ryanqueenoftt.jpg

    hotness incarnate..

    Webcor’s  Alexis Rhodes was 6/10s of a second behind Aussie TT Champ Carla Ryan.  What a race.  The top 4 riders all separated by 16 seconds???

    That’s signaling good things for Aussie Women’s cycling (again).

    – – –.

    Finished posting my Peak Season Pics from last weekend..

    oop, gotta jet.



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    7 Responses to Randomly Wednesday

    1. Sunshine
      January 7, 2009 at

      Have podium…… will hire out for food.

    2. January 7, 2009 at

      I too thought about hanging around the leaders and watching them duke it out too until I realized the fog was getting thicker as we climbed.

      In reality, I was just happy to be in that lead pack for the first 40% of the race. From my vantage point it was evident to see the elastic snap from the punchy accelerations at the front.

    3. Michael Hernandez
      January 7, 2009 at

      hell, Todd – you had to put in a punchy acceleration around me after i’d stepped off the accelerator. If you’d have grabbed Phipps and MeatCalf’s wheels after i pulled off them, i think you’d have made it a lot longer in that lead group.

      man, that effort to get up to the front was haaaard for January. I had no idea we’d be so far back in the starting line. Helluva ride put in by Phipps to win it. Next year, though … i wanna see him battling those 45’ers. ooooweee, showdown of the hillsprinters!

    4. Kevin
      January 7, 2009 at

      I figure if they are that fast they should step up. That would force the cat 1’s to either man up or go home in shame because they got beat by a couple of geezers!

      It’s a funny race the way they stage the groups. I rode 45+ a few years ago and moved to the front with a HUGE effort, but the top 4 or so were already gone when I got there, well before the park. Not that I was going to stay with them to the top if they had waited though!!!

    5. Strezch McGroin
      January 7, 2009 at

      It could be better simply by having later in the year.


    6. pulled hammy
      January 7, 2009 at

      yeah lets move jan. 1st a little farther back and fit it in right before july 4th and have new years day combined with 4th of july
      and do the hill climb then and have fireworks going off at the top of mt san bruno

    7. October 25, 2010 at

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