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    Saturday’s Soggy Slugfest

    sjoser.jpgWe’d planned on heading down to Coalinga for the Cantua Creek crackfest of cyclery … but, all this Tour of Cali excitement has gotten the better of me ~ and so, it’s off to the San Jose Critter Classic tomorrow instead.

    Honestly, I just can’t miss seeing the ProWomen’s race.  All the local glory will be out dressed to the 9’s and I’m iching to open up the lens to try and capture some hot images of them lighting it up through corners and launching fireworks down the backstretches of SanJose.  The problem is, of course, that the men’s race is immediately after the femmes – meaning another day of zero warm-up for a crit … which will suck butt for my old bones.

    Luckily, Sabine has agreed to go on an early morning dirt ride with me … so, at least i’ll have a couple hours of spinning loose the creaks and groans to try and get lubricated up enough for a decent hour of power chasing down Giant Strawberries.

    But right after that, we hop in Sputnik and shoot orbit straight to Davis for the Junior’s Crit the next day.



    More Reasons to race San Jose

    There were a number of factors that tilted us heading over to race San Jose this weekend … and no small part was a sense of obligation to support a good cause.  While I wish the organizers were able to give discounted entry fees to young elite riders in financial need ~ I fully support what looks to be a drug-testing regimen at the event, the various charities supported through the race, and the movement of the event towards a more professional level of promotion.

    That’s rad.

    The race’s technical guide states:

    Prize money for the San Jose Cycling Classic Criterium built by WEBCOR
    will be paid after 30 days, following the confirmation of the official
    results. Any rider later testing positive for doping at this race will be
    required to return all monies won in full, including all primes and
    individual placing.

    And, costly though it is … I’m very much in favor of races getting more involved in testing athletes. That’s one reason to support the event.  But as important …


    vpness.jpgAs has been discussed many times in our region ~ NorCal has become an exceptional source of grassroots cycling promotion.  The folks around here have done some pretty damn inspirational and effective work in growing participation, advocating for rider safety, expanding the demographics of athletes involved, and more.  But what we’ve had a harder time with is … getting professional level racing to be sustainable in our area.

    What we have in NorCal is a deep infrastructure of people who are committed to grassroots race promotion.  And they do it well.  But, promoting sustainable professional level racing … demands a substantially different set of strengths and organizational capacities.


    It takes more than companies like WEBCOR leading the way by investing advertising dollars into events … we need more businesses entering into the marketing and promotion of cycling events as viable, dynamic, and growable sources of income.  AEG, Blue Wolf, Project Sport, etc … these companies need to be able to generate income for themselves AND the communities that they partner with to host professional cycling events.


    getropical.jpgAnd so, that’s why we’re going to head over to San Jose tomorrow … spending some cash on an entry fee, spending a few more taxable bucks on good food in San Jose … and maybe even scoping out a couple hotspots to return some weekend for a night of fun and mayhem.

    And we’re DEFINITELY thanking any WEBCOR personnel we can find for all the support and guidance they have given the sport these past years.



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    9 Responses to San Jose Classic … gotta go

    1. hAndy
      February 13, 2009 at

      Didn’t think it could be done but you were able to sugar coat that B like a pro. Only took you about 100 lines to do it. But in the end it is still a $52 for a pre-season crit in the rain…

      That now because of your post I realize that I wouldn’t even get my money back until 30 days later.

      Super Cool they are testing for doping, but any dopers left will be racing TOcali, so why pay to find out what supplements Briggs takes to look 25 when he is really almost 55 (is enzite on the banned list?)

      Is a shame though, Webcor putting all this pain and effort into putting on an event in my teenage stomping grounds only to overlook the little details. Ship sunk before it even left the harbor and they state that without a good showing this year there will not be a next. Well spectatorship will be low due to the “other” event going on, people don’t randomly travel to the city in the rain and a large chunk of the riders are afraid to spend their kitty when they are barely starting their suffervals…

      bummer, they should have asked someone.

    2. Sabine
      February 13, 2009 at

      “everybody love everybody!! COME ON!!”

    3. hAndy
      February 13, 2009 at

      you are right, all hate coming from my direction.

      I just really wish this could be a top notch event, I have been waiting for a course like this in the heart of SJ, looking at the course map before I saw the price and the day it was on (I was thinking it was circuits before a finish, before I realized that the finish was a start and three days later) and could totally feel excitement for the speed that could be had on it with just enough technical to make it easy to hammer away.

      It was like the perfect sexual experience, only to wake up half shot with a mess to clean up.

      So I guess I am just bummed, hope it ends up being a great event.

    4. Sabine
      February 13, 2009 at

      Actually, I was just quoting Semi Pro, but good on ya anyway!

    5. Michael Hernandez
      February 13, 2009 at

      “Everybody panic! If you have a small child, use it as a shield! They love tender meat.”

    6. Sabine
      February 13, 2009 at

      “Its like Titanic, but with bears!”

    7. Michael Hernandez
      February 13, 2009 at

      “In the anals of history people are going to be talking about three things: the discovery of fire, invention of the submarine, and the Flint, Michigan Mega Bowl.”

    8. zach
      February 13, 2009 at

      “No refunds, consider your refund escaping this death trap with your lives!”

    9. hAndy
      February 16, 2009 at

      “Actually, I was just quoting Semi Pro, but good on ya anyway!”

      I know, I youtube’d it, and you made me buy it OnDemand, I was trying hard to wait till it was free, damnit.

      smart race mike, surprised you weren’t the one to see Jacksons move and take the free ride to all the money…

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