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    (Mike handed me a set of keys for the NorCal car, so I’m gonna try to back it out the driveway without knocking over the trash cans…spot me, OK???)

    Been hearing too many reports about crashes and squirrelly moves on the race course lately, so thought the following that came across courtesy of Bicycle Trip-mate Joe Platin, might be of use to some of us:

    Hello All –
    My name is Bruce Hendler, owner of Athleticamps up in Rocklin. AthletiCamps is a premier provider of bike coaching, testing and camp services in the Northern California area.
    I work with Joe Platin (coach) and I asked him if I could send a quick message to invite the team to our AthletiCamps Race School which takes place July 18-19th up here in the foothills.  We are offering a team discount of 10% if 3 members attend together.  So the cost would be $300 per athlete (versus $325.)
    I started the Race School back in 2003 and then took a break from it, bringing it back this summer.  I really feel that there is a great need for this type of information in the NorCal racing ranks.  Most of your race training is “on the job” and there are few opportunities for a dedicated weekend where many different aspects of bike racing are taught.
    It would be especially useful for team mates, as it offers a great opportunity to learn this stuff together
    I am fortunate to have both Larry Nolan and Kevin Metcalfe as instructors for the school.  There aren’t many racers as experienced as these two and are willing to share it.
    Please feel free to check out the website at:
    And of course, if you have any questions, I am always available.
    Ride safe,



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