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    Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hernandito (my interweb pen name, an homage to the truly inimitable blogowner himself, Mr. Hernandez), and I will be slingin’ the nonsense at your monitor from time to time.

    Shall we begin?

    As the title implies, I’ll be heading back to this blogs roots: discussing some Northern California cycling news. And I will begin in Minnesota. I dont know how your sense of geography works…but this ain’t your blog. Deal with it.

    Suffice to say, some local folks tore it up at the Nature Valley Grand Prix last week. I’d call every single one of ’em out if I could, but quite frankly there just isn’t enough time. If I missed you…my bad dawg.

    First of all, what would this blog be without a post about Shelley Olds? Does anyone get tired of watching her crack open her can o’ whoopass? I doubt it. Olds went 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 6th, and 2nd in the mass-start stages, netting her a 2nd place in the GC and the win in the Sprint Classification.


    In addition, Grizzly Parnes (Webcor), who earned a spot on the Nature Valley team at the Wente omnium, busted out the absolute ride of his life in the prologue.



    That’s right ladies and gentlemen…16th place for the hairy adonis. Not only did he beat Floyd Landis in an ITT (FLOYD effin’ LANDIS) but he did it wearing that ungodly outfit. In all seriousness, take a good look at those results, and remember the name Ryan Parnes.

    Finally, the SugarCRM ladies squad managed to send pretty much their whole roster over to Minneapolis, albeit undercover. Liza Rachetto, Starla Teddergreen, Lindsay Myers, Karla Kingsley…all of them were in the mix, but none of them in their actual team kits. Regardless, they threw down some good work, got a few good results, and came away with some cyclingnews.com facetime:


    After a race like that these boys and girls will be flying when they get back to this side of the country.


    Moving on to more local local news, Steve Reaney won the P/1/2 Pescadero Road Race.


    I was not actually there, and have heard no reports of how it went down. All I know is, I watched this video a few minutes ago and it blew my mind. Watch Steve’s attack/sprint at the end of the movie. Boom. Done. I can’t ride that fast after 10 miles, let alone 100. Good ride by all three guys (Dan Martin and Chris Turner), but hats off to Reaney.

    Pescadero Road Race 2009 | Pro 1-2 men from hippster on Vimeo.

    We need more motos toting video cameras. That was awesome.


    Folks, the 2009 Nevada City Classic is about to get loco, and pretty retro as well. As I am sure you’ve heard, Armstrong, Leipheimer, and Horner are getting trucked in. Here’s a photo of Lance and Levi (I think…its hard to recognize cyclists without their helmets on):

    I bet Chad Gerlach will show up too. I certainly hope so, because that guy livens up every race he enters. That is him in the Merlin kit, next to Clinger (he’s hard to recognize too…must be the helmet) and Moninger (after winning his 412th consecutive Nevada City Classic).

    Then all we need is for crazy Old Gregg* LeMond to come rolling into town on some half-carbon, half-wicker exercise bike, and we would have quite a battle royale from the past.

    So if you’re feeling the urge to chase a celebrity around the mountains of Northern California, head up to Nevada City on Sunday. I think this is for real…twitter said so.

    *This video is well-worth the 10:21 minutes, though it certainly requires a specific sense of humor. I imagine that it accurately reflects what goes on in Greg LeMond’s head.


    Thats all I got for now. Goodnight NorCal.



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      wurdz to the oldsk00l

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      Isn’t Levi taller in person?

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      Dearest Tink,

      I miss riding in your slight little shadow.

      Reunion ride?

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      He’s back ladies and gents…… Sweet!!!

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