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    Even though I promote the track i actually like to race cross.  I dunno why – the season is short, the races are closer, the weather is sunny and temperate – with a dash of mud, each race series (and race) has a different character ( i love the Surf City Halloween Psycho Cross and Pilarcitos races) – and the Belgian races are great internet TV.  Rumor is DJ Snead has started to show up for some local crits which signifies the start of cross season training.   NorCal is one of three official “Cyclocross Centers of Excellence” in the United States right next to Portland/Seatle corridor and New England.   The NorCal scene is like Switzerland – we are so good we don’t need to join the European Union.   Anyways…. August and September are clinic time…here are

    a few that I’ve seen coming across my desk.

    • Velo Girls Bike Skills 103 September 26 – LLL always gets a turn out and is beginner friendly.  The class is going to be taught by John Funke who is threatening to retire.  Funke has been talking retirement for the last year at least… i think everybody just needs to show up with “John 3:16” signs  to show him some love and cure what ails him my miracle if need be.  We can’t lose a guy with that kind of passion to the Pro Bowling Tour.
    • Sterling Sports Group has a camp and a training series going in September. Matt’s pretty intense, and well versed in training details, so this is a good one for the information- hungry-engineering types.  He’s even got a webinar scheduled for 8/27… Go Internet Man!
    • Clark Natwick – The master, the myth, the man who brought it all home to NorCal has a few clinic’s rolling.  Clinic dates are 8/29, 9/5 & 9/12. Click here for more details. Clark Natwick Coaching.  For those that don’t know Clark was an early US Cross Champ… for some reason i get stoked seeing he’s teaching locals.  Its like the gods have descended from mount olympus and started handing out magic spears or something.  Anyhooters – YEA CLARK!
    • The Alto Velo leprechauns usually hold a few early season low key clinics.  Right now they are planning their get togethers for  September 10 @ Byxbee Park, and September 24 @Arastraderro.  6 PM start time…and that’s loose.  Keep an eye on the Webcor/Alto Velo email list serve for details.
    • During the season there are a couple of options.  Las year Roaring Mouse put on some clinics for racers before Pilarcito’s Bay Area Prestige races and Velo Bella does a star studded clinic before the pscyh cross.   Shoot them some emails and let them know you are interested early on.
    •  Livermore Series – Even though its not a clinic Shane Huntoon’s Livermore series is a great way to start racing cross since they get rolling on early September 5th.  Cool courses and kids under six race make this a great family event.  Nothing says family like cross!

    I’m missing all the good stuff going on in the East Bay, Marin,Sacramento and other cool NorCal spots but i don’t think they have put up any announcements yet.  I don’t know if it is in NorCal but I’m sure Rodney Cox will be doing a cross race every other day out in Chico – that man is a one man wrecking machine!  I want to go there just to see if those races are real or some kind of facebook joke.  Put up anything i’m missing in the commnets section…



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